We made it…

Well, we’ve made it to our little cabin in the woods. 

The drive was pretty uneventful.  I had my finger work, Sydney had her electronic games and her favorite hobby, complaining about being bored.  And, our driver, Rob, who couldn’t find a good radio station. 


The drive was mostly uneventful, except when Mable got car sick in Dallas.  Gross!  We got that taken care of and proceeded through Oklahoma. 

About an hour and a half before we reached our destination, Rob hit the brakes and started pulling over and said “we lost the lid to one of our tubs”.  Okay.  Except it was my sewing tub.  And, the Pond Mountain quilt that is all pin basted and ready to go into the machine was on top of that tub. 

Oh, what disaster was avoided there.  The quilt was fine.  As far as I can tell, I lost one brown sock that was stuck in a shoe in the top of the tub.  We brought that tub in the truck cab with us and drove on like nothing had happened. 

We got to the lodge and the innkeeper met me at the door with a hug and we settled down to business.  It was so nice to meet familiar faces and familiar surroundings.  I’m sure I’ll talk a lot more about the mountain and the lodge and the innkeeper through the week. 


After we got checked in and unloaded into the cabin, Sydney had to go see “her” horse.  She’s made arrangements with the stableman to go down at 7:30 to help him curry and saddle for the first ride of the day.  Okay, the kid that I can’t get to wash dishes without an eye roll and a big sigh; who complains about having to pick her clothes up off the floor is very anxious to get to that barn and do some hard work on vacation.  What’s up with that????

Anyway, after we got settled in, we had a family pow-wow about what to do last night and decided that since we were here so early, we’d go to the grocery and get that out of the way and then we’d go out to a nice dinner at one of our fave places. 



I love shopping in little country grocery stores.  Okay, so the selection isn’t that great and they’re tiny and lack all that bright light and loud muzak, but they have everything we need for the basic meals I’ll be making and we managed to fill our cart and spend a lot of money. 

Dinner was less than spectacular for me.  The place we ate, Myrtie Mae’s is known for their Ozark Fried Chicken.  Last time we ate there, I had the fried chicken and it was truly good enough to “make ya’ wanna’ slap ya’ mama”, which is odd because my Mama makes great fried chicken.  This time, not so much.  I was extremely greasy and lots of bones with little meat.  But, the salad bar was to die for and we made a good meal of it. 

After dinner, a quick drive through downtown, just to get to see it again while it wasn’t packed full of people and then back to the cabin where we ended the day with Sydney teaching us a new card game, which started a family tournament. 

I slept great in the silence and the true darkness that can only be experienced out of town and got up, started my book, and now I need to get up and make breakfast so my little stable girl can get down there and do some dirty work. 

The only thing I with we had was internet and cable TV in the cabin.  What?  no cable TV?  no internet?  We really must be roughing it. 

But, if you looked at that picture a bit ago, you saw that my sewing machine is already set up and we brought movies and there’s a new and larger TV in the cabin and the internet is a short walk down to the main lodge. 

Hope everyone has a great day!  We will be enjoying ourselves “roughing” it. 



Becky said...

Sounds like a wonderful week ahead!

Kath said...

well I am only half roughing it Lane, as I have no TV or cable at my house, but I do have internet.
Have a lovely relaxing time, sounds like you've made a good start.
I did smile at what you said about Sydney, I used to polish my riding boots til they shone and Mum pointed out that I never cleaned my school shoes!

Marla said...

I will have a vacation vicariously through you this week! Have fun!!