class sample

Okay, true to my word, I did get up and make a class sample block this morning. 


(yes, that is a snip of fabric.  How did I not see that before I took the picture?)

Anyway, I pieced it this morning.  I’ve added 5 things to the supply list already.  Lesson learned.  Be sure and do whatever you’re planning while you’re planning it.

I even got another one drafted while I wrote down the instructions. 


This one has wider points and a larger center square. 

But, now it’s time to go out to the garage and do a bit of work out there.  Priorities, ya’ know.  And, hey, if I work out there, I can get this out of the middle of the floor.  Yay!


Have a good Saturday.  Put balance in your life; some sewing, some working, some chores, some resting, some snuggling.



Coloradolady said...

I think I will follow your advice today.....I have so much to do, I will do some of each!!!

When is that class going to be for these blocks?? Is it one day???

qltmom9 said...

Hey, those plastic bags your scraps are in look handy
!!! What are they, please? You do the coolest things!
I'm sure your class is F-U-N...I hope it is for YOU too.~

Linda in TX said...

The new block is beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that after reading you for months and months and months, you're a great dad. You're a really fun quilter to 'listen' to. You're a great dad. And I look forward to your posts every day! (did I mention that you're a great dad?)

Elizabeth said...

Life is a balancing act, no doubt about that. Hope your weekend is working out to have enough of each thing to keep you happy.

xo -e