Time flies

I hate it when the weekend passes so fast that you hardly get time to sit and enjoy it.  But, I had big plans and big plans take time to execute. 

Saturday morning, I did a bit of work in the yard and the sun room, just cleaning and organizing and pulling a few weeds and getting some water down and a few new things in pots.  Here are the moonflowers that are really putting on a show right now.  I don’t grow many things that flower white.  It’s difficult to get white blooms in such a hot place.  But, these seem to love it.


After gardening, it was time to prep for quilt class.  What a fun group.  And, we covered a whole lot of stuff and got down to some serious quilting. 

N’s sample.  N was our garment sewer who has a top to quilt.


L the first’s sample (I had two L’s).  This L sat in the unlucky seat and had the same thread problems that the lady who sat there in the first class had.  Breaking thread.  But, the quilt shop owner was able to come over and help her get that straightened out. 


And, L the second, who has done this before.  She had such neat and tiny background work.  Lovely to have in class and I hope I was able to offer her new information. 


Great fun.  Laughter, especially when we found a big bird’s nest on the back of my practice piece where I forgot to pull up the bobbin thread.  Oops!

After that, Rob, Sydney and I went to a good old country cafe, one of the few in town, for a big fried dinner.  I’ll have to work that off.  Yay, me.

And, yesterday, I took the day off cooking and spent the day reorganizing the sewing room closet to incorporate that new set of shelves.  It looks great, and I’ll show more about it later.  Rob moved the chairs out on the front porch, so I thought I’d show the results of Sydney’s and my work from last week.


Such an inviting place to sit.  Hopefully, now that they’re all fresh, I’ll go out there and sit sometimes.  They generally face one another a bit more and it’s great to go out and sit, with a big glass of iced tea and have a chat and watch the world go by.

I have too many things going on and now, I’ve committed to a hand piecing/hand quilting class in August and a Mariner’s Compass class in September.  Yay, teaching.  I just hope that the people that pay for the classes are getting their money’s worth.  I guess that eventually, I’ll run into someone that gives me negative feedback.  I both look forward to that, because I’m so open to suggestions and want to make the classes better, and dread it because I really don’t want to hear what I’m not doing well (does anyone?).  Life is like that, eh?  The good always has another side.  But, until that person comes along, I’m going to enjoy the compliments that I covered a lot of stuff and did it well. 

Be well, have a great Monday.  I still have 10 minutes I can sew this morning.  I think I’ll make some bobbins.  Now that the red silk thread is in, I really need to get back to that. That deadline may not be kicking me in the rear right now, but it won’t be long before I start to feel it breathing down my neck.



JoAnne said...

I have to say that the chairs look great! But I LOVE the blue door! That is awesome. Is there other blue on your house or is it an accent? Was it a difficult choice to make or was it obvious?

If you are on top to teach two more classes, the people at the shop must really think you are a great teacher! I hope you no longer doubt that!

Rebecca Grace said...

Lane, I hope that someday when the negative feedback comes your way, you will remember that 90% of it comes from someplace inside the negative commenter. Constructive criticism and feedback is one thing -- like, "I wish the class spent more time on basics like preparation and blocking" or whatever. But you're obviously a gifted quilter AND a caring, talented teacher, and your students are lucky to have you. Any feedback that is negative enough to upset you will most likely have nothing to do with you at all.

Cynthia L. said...

I am so happy that your class is going well. The samples of the quilting you are teaching them are great! Are you sure this is a beginner class? I think it may be the great teacher.

I, too, love the chairs. Sydney is a whiz with a paint bruch. Love the blue door and the rock wall also!

Vesuviusmama said...

Oh my, I just want to come sit in front of your house with you!