Back to the grind

We have returned from vacation.  And, spent two days getting things back in order so that real life can begin again. 

Here’s the picture we took on the last night, after dinner at Ermilio’s, Arkansas’ number 1 Italian restaurant. 


We took a walk around the pond that night and Sydney fed the horses carrots that I always make sure we have leftover.


We packed everything up and left at 5:45am and were home at 3:30pm. 

Days since have been busy and I’ve gotten very behind reading blogs.  There was a lot of cleaning and moving things around and I’m suddenly feeling a renewed interest in cooking, so stuff needed to be done in the kitchen to make that more pleasant. 

I’ve pulled everything out for quilting class this Saturday.  I’m teaching again.  Fortunately, even though I couldn’t remember where I’d put everything, it turned up quickly. 

Here is the Pond Mountain quilt with progress so far.


All of the ditch work is done and the center has the background quilting.  I have no idea when I’ll have a chance to get that loaded back in the machine.  First is finishing the quilts for the show. 


Loved this little place that we saw on the last day.  Couldn’t live there because it looks like it is just two rooms, but wouldn’t it make a lovely quilt shop!

I think we all have the vacation’s over blues.  The kid has been especially trying and I haven’t been in a very indulgent mood.  But, this is all part of the daily grind and moving from one thing to the next.  We all go through it and while it doesn’t feel very nice, it is the way things are and we are resigned to it.

Now if I could just get this insect bite to heal up.  It’s in a very personal place and is likely a chigger or “redbug”…or maybe a spider.  Who knows.  We were in the rough.  But, where it is, I cannot scratch all day. 

Everybody have a good Monday.  Lane


lw said...

That cottage is so cute! And I love the family photo. Makes me wish I knew you guys in person.

I hear good things about a homeopathic cure called "Apis Melliflora" for curing bites quickly. Unfortunately, I can't try it, because it showed up in a lactose based formula, but if you're not having problems with dairy, it might work for you.

lw said...

Oops-- misremembered the spelling. Its apis mellifica. They have it at vitacost.

Piece by Piece said...

After vacation blues and all the catching up that needs be done is one thing I hate. Sounds as if all of you are getting back into the grove again.

Bratling said...

if it's a chigger bite, paint it with clear nail polish....

Cathi said...

Love the pic of the family. Sydney looks very pretty & grown up.

RE: the bite...sounds like chigger or in our family we call them underpants bugs! LOL Try witch hazel on it.

Andra Gayle said...

A great family photo!

Cynthia L. said...

HaHa, you made me laugh about your bite! I got a tick in a spot that is very close to being a bit on the personal side! I love the little house and think you would be the perfect person to have a quilt shop in it. I used to live in Arkansas and find it to be a very pretty and friendly state. You would fit in. I love vacations, but not the work before and after them! You will all get back in the groove soon. Good luck in your class - look forward to hearing more about it!

Susan Entwistle said...

Lovely little house, and I totally get where you're coming from with the kitchen. I'm not in the mood to cook, so I'll just avoid any tidying up for another day or two :)

Karilee said...

My doctor (I had to see him for other things) had me use bacitracin for what we thought were chigger bites that had bugged me over a week after camping. They were GONE 2 hours later!

Coloradolady said...

clear nail polish if it is a chigger...it will fix you right up!!

Becky said...

The cottage is just darling....would love to have it for a hidey hole! It would make a good quilt shop. I love the family pic.....y'all clean up real good!! :)

Carla said...

Love the little house. Makes for nice picture taking. ;o) Nice family picture.
I'm like another commenter I love the vacation. I just hate the before and after. A little bad with the good I guess.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh! Look how beautiful that Sydney is! I LOVE her outfit. It looks so nice on her!

Also, that little house looks more like a playhouse than a real house.

As you can see, I'm a bit behind. I was hit and miss on reading your vacation posts, so I'm going back to make sure I got everything. It has been really fun to visit Eureka Springs with you.

xo -E