Ain't it the luck

Spent the weekend making those class samples.  Made a special trip to the LQS yesterday to drop them off.  The lady that handles class scheduling is out for the week.  Ha!  Anyway, I'm such a big dork, instead of looking around to see if she had a sign or anything announcing either class, I just dropped them off and left.  What was I thinking?  I am working on being more proactive.  I'll let you know if/when I get there.

I'll drop back by this afternoon and see if I need to do anything else to get the hand quilting one on the wall with an announcement of the class dates.  I'm betting that she has the announcement on the wall and all I needed to do was pin up the class samples to it. 

But, I wasn't thinking clearly.  Some days I'm in a daze and am glad I find my way home again.

Okay, y'all.  When Syd comes home and talks about some boy's six-pack abs, what am I supposed to do with that?  Huh???  Really, somebody tell me because all I can think is things not to do, like say "gross!" or "you're too young to be thinking about boy's abs" or "what's 7 times 8?" to change the subject.  So far, all I've been able to do is look at her with a mixture of horror and humor and just try to take it all in without having an opinion about it, either way. 

Hey, at least I know what she's thinking about.  And, all these boys have sounded like good boys.  So, I'm feeling more and more confident that she recognizes the difference.  In addition to telling about their abs or their hair, she also talks about their scholastic and sports achievements and somehow, I don't think a boy that earned a private school scholarship is as likely to be chuffing paint fumes from a paper bag. 

Okay, so yes, it costs me a small fortune to keep her houseboat sized feet in shoes and she can be the absolute laziest creature ever put on earth and she can spout out hours and hours of pure negative energy, but the other day, when I asked her why I wouldn't let her do something, she recited the speech I've given three thousand and forty eight times, word for word, even including my inflections.  Okay, so there was a wretchedly sarcastic tone to it, but you know what?  I didn't really care.  Because I found out that day that she's listening. 

Teehee! (and maybe a bit of Mwahahahaaaaaa!)

And, even though she leaves dishes in the sink, and that pisses me off sometimes, she always rinses them.

I believe she and I were destined for one another, just as much as I believe that Rob came along at the right time. 

Okay, y'all.  Gotta talk about chick-filet again.  I don't think any of you should give up something you like because the owner of the company expresses an opinion we disagree with.  The only people that would be hurt by that are the employees of the store's chain of operations.  We have to be able to disagree in our personal opinions without causing harm to one another.  So, I love you, each and every one, for the sentiments expressed yesterday, but remember that we don't need to withdraw our support for the business just because the owner thinks different.  That just reverses the descrimination that we're trying to stop.  The goal is to work through the differences and still make room for everyone to exist together.  I want to live in a place where there's room for Mr. chick to believe marriage is between one man and one woman and for churches to choose who they will perform marriages for AND for me and Rob to enjoy the 1008 civil rights that are enjoyed by married people. 

And, if Mr. chick ever saw me and Rob struggling through our relationship, just like any other successful couple does, I wonder if he'd be so willing to prevent us from becoming legally obligated to one another.  Any couple that's willing to do as much work as a good relationship requires deserves a bit of acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment that Dick Cheney was not able to extend to his daughter by attending her wedding.  I gotta tell ya'.  Given the choice of who to have lunch with, I'm picking Mr. chick over Dick because there's a difference between failing to understand and just being...a dick.

Be well. 



Rebecca Grace said...

Re: Chick-Fil-A: I knew the owner was a "Christian Fundamentalist," and I knew I didn't agree with his personal politics, but I liked their relatively healthy kiddie meals so I chose them over McD's or Wendy's on the rare occasion that I caved in to fast food requests from my kids. What I did NOT realize was that a portion of every dollar I spent at Chik-Fil-A went to anti-gay advocacy groups, or that Chik-Fil-A regularly discriminates against employees, requiring them to disclose their marital status, dependents, and citing "sinful behavior" as grounds for employment termination. See this article in The Nation: http://www.thenation.com/blog/169147/liberal-defenders-chick-fil-unwittingly-defend-corporate-personhood-updated#

Mr. Chik can have whatever wacko values he wants, and that's fine. This is not about the First Amendment rights of Mr. Chik, because no one is denying him speech or discriminating against him based on his religious views. However, customers have the right to choose to support businesses that espouse their values, whether it's Fair Trade, organic farming, buying American made, or choosing to give business to companies that donate money to breast cancer research, Doctors Without Borders, etc. Chik Fil A can give money to hate groups if they want to, but then customers and communities have the right to say "we don't want you." Can you imagine this debate even happening if McDonalds was giving money to the KKK?

Impera_Magna said...

Young women today talk about guys abs like my friends and I used to talk about which guys had cute butts (see: Sleepless in Seattle for verification). Abs are the "in" thing...

I believe God gives us the children WE NEED to have... heaven knows I learned a lot... and grew... from rearing mine.

The Chic-fil-A thing is a strange one... and somehow... I don't think my boycotting the joint will make a hill o' beans when it comes to Mr. Chick changing his mind.

For me, I'm just gonna continue to treat everyone as I would wish to be treated and rejoice that (very slow) movement towards full rights and privileges for all.

quiltfool said...

Ya' learn something new every day. I did not know the information that Rebecca has posted in her comment above. Well, that kinda changes things, eh? Everyone decide. We decided long ago, I just didn't want to be guilty of repeating his offense. Lane

Samantha said...

The ab thing made me laugh! I'm not really sure how you should respond! When my daughter started to notice such things I would usually just agree with her! :D

Isn't it nice when you figure out they actually listen to you?

I wouldn't eat at Chic-fil-A if we had one nearby, but then we don't usually do fast food at all so ... :D

Linda in TX said...

Oh Lane! Your life is so much fun! Syd probably told you about the six pack abs just to shake you up - my daughter did the same thing to me over and over. Sometimes I'd have a raunchy reply, sometimes I'd stick my fingers in my ears and shout "lalalalala", sometimes I'd just laugh my head off. The key was that we were communicating on some level, be it adult or teen. She's obviously talking to you (and teasing you and testing you) and that's success as a parent!

Cynthia L. said...

I used to be happy to hear my daughter talk about the good guys, till I found out they are bad too, just behind your back! At least the "bad" boys are up front! They evenutally find the person they are to be with and all we can do is support them and love them. You and Rob already do that!

Coloradolady said...

Well, I used to always play dumb and when my daughter would say something like "six pack abs" I would look all crazy and ask..."What is that"? It seems on a new level when they have to actually explain what it is they are interested in..at least it makes things a little more interesting on your part!!!

I think I am gonna stick to salads and not at Mr. Chick....sorry, no matter what I do or do not believe is right....they offended me on lots of levels.......so I have given them up! For good.

I like the part where you said Dick was just a dick...made me laugh out loud!!
spot on!!!

Marla said...

I did not know the information Rebecca provided either. Wow. And she is right about what if McDonalds gave to the KKK. There would not even be a debate about this. No chik for me.

Kate said...

Lane, I think you are so right... Part of being a liberal must include defending the right of conservatives to have their views... Otherwise we are liberal fundamentalists, with equally closed minds. It's not easy, though, is it?

lw said...

It's not so much a matter of open or closed minds-- I just don't want to give my business to a company that I so violently disagree with morally. But then, I'm still boycotting Nike based on their ad campaign that used John Lennon's "Revolution" to sell tennis shoes. I won't eat Carl's Jr because I find their ads so offensive. I just hope Subway doesn't do anything that upsets me, I like their sandwiches.

Your response to Sydney is perfect-- horror and humor-- remind her that a little girl is only little for so few years, she'll be a woman many, many more. There's no need to rush.

Elizabeth said...

Whenever you talk about equal rights, I always think of the song from Pete's Dragon (a favorite of mine as a kid). It starts out, "there's room for everyone in this world, so everyone make some room." Discrimination is fueled by fear and ignorance. The thing is, there really is room for everyone and if people could see past the differences, they would see so many similarities and just might find a friend where they otherwise would not have.

About Sydney talking to you about boys: this is a GOOD thing. She feels comfortable enough with you to share some really private thoughts and feelings. As you mentioned, she's also interested in their academic and sports achievements, so build on that. When she starts in on the abs, ask questions about the other areas you know she notices. This keeps the conversation going, but you don't have to hear all the gushing about their "hotness."

And finally, I'm not quick on my feet either. I'll usually think of how I should have handled something way after the fact. I like to say, "I'm not good at pop-quizzes."

xo -E

Susan Entwistle said...

I'd take Dick over Chick. Mary and Heather didn't want a media circus or for their wedding to be spun as the latest political upheaval on the nightly news. I think mom and dad were respecting their wishes. It's not the first wedding of an adult couple where the parents weren't in attendance. You will not have to worry about that, as you will be a super-involved parent called upon to make quilted placecards and such. :) Enjoy the fact that Sydney is pulling your chain right now with the 6-pack talk. (Your mix of mock horror and humor are just what she's after). Trust me, once she's seriously into a boy, you'll be the last to know (sorry....but been there, done that, and then had a daughter to repeat it with :)). You'll survive, I promise, and Syd will make you proud.