I rock these women’s glasses

I picked up my new glasses the other day.  When I bought them, the girl that sold them…a new girl…made a big deal about them being technically women’s glasses, but if you ask me, all those men’s frames with the wide side arms and flash are much more feminine than what I picked out. 

These are my old glasses.


These are my new glasses.


As far as I can tell, the only thing feminine about my new glasses is the case.


Because, apparently, a men’s glasses case is supposed to look like this.


But, when I tried to take a picture, I got this.


And, then, this.


Taking pictures of one’s self can be very dangerous to the ego.  I promise you that when I look in the mirror, this is not what I see.

Too many people ate chicken yesterday.  Lines around the block.  Some eating, some only ordering water in protest. 

I ate at my desk.  Quietly.  Passively.  Angrily. 

Honestly, I was pissed all day long and this is the only reason I can think of.  I want to hit somebody.  But, my beliefs are that I give everyone leeway to be themselves.  Unfortunately, those are not the beliefs of so many that think they need to inflict their beliefs on everyone. 

Everyone be well.  Lane


qltmom9 said...

LOL, your self-pictures are great fun!

I appreciate your "leeway" and encouragement to be myself.~

Are those glasses pink tinged? Or, is that my computer? I usually get told my picks are mens, and I am definitely a sissy, so you are right about mens glasses being girly-girl.


Becky said...

I don't see anything that screams women's glasses. They look rather good on you and that is all that matters!

Marla said...

Lane, the glasses look just fine! About lunch and dinner yesterday?.. I had a ham sandwich for lunch and fixed a beef stir fry for dinner. No chicken in any form yesterday for me. Just sayin...

Impera Magna said...

Ah geez... why do people make such a deal about whether glasses frames are for men or women? Glasses frames are for people who can see and would like to look semi decent while wearing them! *shaking head*

As for all the reports of long lines at the chicken place... the news media did not show all the people who didn't go to the chicken place yesterday in protest...

Impera Magna said...


"...can't see..."

lw said...

I think the primary difference between men's and women's frames is the frame width. There are men's frames that are identical to the ones you bought, and I have to say, they are a good choice for the shape of your face.

I think that fear and intolerance will be with us always. It just finds new targets. We managed to end slavery and we repealed laws that forbade interracial marriage. We just need to keep moving forward. Every time I looked at the lines around Chick-Fil-A, I saw Galileo praying for his life because he knew the Earth is not the center of the universe. Truth will win out in the end, it always does.

Shirley said...

Your glasses look great on you. Who cares what color the case is? Switch with an old case if it bothers you. I never use my case cause without my glasses on the world is just a blur, which these days can be a good thing sometimes.

I wish we had one of those chicken places here, I'd boycott it, loudly. Obviously the company wasn't making a statement as much as it was looking at profit. Or maybe it thought it was making a stupid statement. Wonder how many employees called in sick yesterday?

Our music minister at church has just gotten a job in California. He's gay and married. He's allowed to live in California but he's not allowed to live in the State he grew up in and where his mother still lives. She has to come a visit him. The church was standing room only on Sunday as it was his last day and the tears really flowed. We will all miss him greatly.

John Going Gently said...

made me titter!

Tanit-Isis said...

The glasses look good! My glasses case is one I stole from my daughter two pairs ago, solely because it opens on the end, not along the sides---perfect for living in my purse.

So frustrating to hear about the Chick Fil A lineups. /sigh. I don't blame you for being angry all day.

Coloradolady said...

I find it amazing how utterly and thoroughly Americans are ignorant to what is going on.

I was with you....I shook my head at the thought of all those stupid people in line in the 100 plus degree heat....seriously. I tell ya right now Chick- Fil- Stupid could have cared less other than trying to pad the ole bank account...and all those fools marched in and helped in that endeavor.

I agree with you, everyone is different and that is OK.....but the majority of this country needs to wake up and learn to think for themselves instead of filing in line like a bunch of zombies!

My two cents.

Unknown said...

I had to chuckle a little that you chose to photograph your new glasses on a pink doily! Intentional?

I love the glasses and think they look good on you. I also have to say I don't think anyone takes good photos of themselves. Mine sort of suck!

Chick-Fil-A sucks too!

Bianca said...

Read your other posts about all the chicken-stuff and think I got the picture....
Come to the Netherlands, we aren't so closeminded....
Just had a discussion with another penpal about the differences between Americans and the Dutch, the way we think about things. Although I really love America, the land and it's people, I'm not so fond of the way people judge eachother and the way some people want to push their opinion on to others... In the netherlands everybody has an opinion. About EveryThing! But that's ok and we accept those who think differently. Gay, lesbian, black, white, catholic or atheist; it's all the same to us.... We are all human, everybody has their own issues and problems, their own opinions and beliefs. Wish the americans were a bit more accepting about that, not so judgemental and afraid of someone who is different from themselfs.

Well, we could talk about this in length of times, but that doesn't change anything I'm afraid. Just keep on believing there will come a day that everybody will be different. Untill than; hang in there.
Hug, Bianca

Bianca said...

Oh, the glasses look great on you. And yes, taking pictures of yourself is a risky business.... Know all about thát! Just the other day tried to make a picture of myself, having a good hair and make-up day....
"I don;t look like that. Do I look like that??? Oh my, do other people see THIS??!!! Tjeeezzzz"

Anonymous said...

I support "THE FAMILY". Would that chicken guy and the chicken eaters, want anyone to live their life without love and FAMILY? The higher power that I believe in, would not.......and that is that.
By the way, the glass issue is the same thing......if you like the glasses and they fit, then the glasses are for you, despite someone making them something else.
If people would just THINK sometimes, life would be so much more pleasant and easier!

vivian said...

Lane- I had to read your post after reading your title. My Father can't see but refuses to buy glasses (tightwad). Mom made him go get his eyes examined and new glasses. He came home with white glasses with rhinestones. Mom was furious but he wouldn't take them back and wears them every now and again to make her mad!