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Let’s start with the promised post about the walnut brown sugar cake.  This is from a recipe in the entenmann’s book of baking. 

Looks delicious.  The batter was wonderful (even though I know I’m not supposed to eat raw batter). 


Looks kind of elongated because I baked it in a wider pan than the loaf pan it called for so I could bake it in the toaster oven.


The cake is dry and flavorless.  Won’t be baking this one again.

But, all the other recipes from that cookbook that I’ve made have been delicious.  This is my second try for this cake.  In my kitchen, two strikes and you’re out.  One try and a fail could be the baker’s fault.  Two fails and we’re done.

I have a doctor’s appt today for a physical.  Unfortunately, not sure how much of that we’ll get to because I was a bit ill yesterday and woke up this morning feeling like boiled death. 

I don’t get many migraine’s…one every couple of years.  This morning, I have a killer.  I’m even worried about going to the doctor’s office because the bright lights are hurting my eyes and I don’t think they have dimmers in the exam rooms.  And, I’m sore all over, like I was pulling a plow in my sleep last night. 

I’ve taken two aleve, which usually work for any pain I have, including an allergy headache, which most OTC pain relievers don’t touch.  But, it’s not doing much today.  My neck and shoulders feel a bit less stiff, but that’s about it.  So, it’s going to be a very quiet day.  My boss won’t be excited because I took the last two friday’s off and am planning to take next friday off and I may have to take today off.  That’s starting to sound like a trend.  And if kinda is. 

Last few weeks before school starts and I wanna spend some time with the kid…even though she was a royal pain the patootie last night and has been grounded from facebook for a week because of some posts that we thought were inappropriate for a 14 year old girl.  I didn’t even ask why, because the one thing I’ve learned about teens, and the principal of the school just reinforced it yesterday in that meeting I attended, they don’t know why they do stupid stuff.  So, no need to frustrate myself by asking.  Take it down and suffer the consequences and move on.

Hope everyone is well.  We’re expecting rain this weekend.  That’s almost unheard of in Texas in August without a hurricane.  It will be a nice change as temperatures will be cooler and the sky is overcast, so the sun’s not so bright. 



Seraphinalina said...

I get migraines from time to time, sunglasses are your friend when you can't control the light. Good luck getting to the doctors, maybe he can suggest something that will work for you.

Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't get bitten by one of those nasty mosquitos! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

when I got migraines the best thing to take care of it was ice pack on the nape of the neck. Cooled the blood to the brain and it really got rid of the headache. Give it a try.

Sharon said...

Hope you went to doctor's .. Hoping no mosquito crossed your path and you feel better tomorrow..
Cake looks great sure it will be interestingly great..

Coloradolady said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!!! Enjoy your weekend, rest if you can....and I have to agree...teens can do stupid things at times (we all can) and not know the why of it. I do it even now...and well, I am way out of my teens!!!

PattiLynn said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Re: the stupid stuff - I read that teen brains aren't fully cooked until around age 21, so expecting adult decisions / actions are really not feasible. We have to continue being watchful and guide them (with consequences) until they are capable of full independence. Hang in there. :-)

Looking forward to some of that cooler weather!!

~ PattiLynn

Cynthia L. said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Migranes are so horrible. I began to get them after I gave birth to my daughter. I hope you get to feeling better and can enjoy the last few days of summer vacation with Sydney!

lw said...

I hope you're feeling better by the time you get our comments.

You know, I always feel like I have to "fix" the recipes. I would probably add sour cream (if I weren't allergic to it) or mayo to the recipe. If the batter is delicious and the cake is dry, it's flavorless because there's no fat in the mixture to carry the flavor to your tongue.

Mmmmm...raw cake batter...

MJinMichigan said...

I hope your migraine is just a bad memory now. I had them for years from elementary school age but I have only had them rarely since giving birth to our daughter 32 years ago.
I rarely bake anymore due to weight issues but when I do, I use pasteurized eggs so I can eat the batter with no need to worry about getting sick.
I read your blog regularly but usually just lurk. I love seeing all of your wonderful quilt projects and heating how you make them. Many years ago I taught hand piecing classes but there's no interest in it in my area any more. Most of the quilters here like to work fast at the cost of quality.

Elizabeth said...

So sorry about the migraine! I get them a lot (the last three weeks, especially) so I feel your pain.

Hope you & Syd have a nice time together. My kiddos start school tomorrow! Where did the summer go?

xo -E