Good days and bad

Uggh.  This allergy headache just won't be beaten down for long.  And, I'm so anti-medication that I take something over the counter and enjoy it while it lasts and then wait until the last minute before I'll take more. 

And, even though we haven't had much rain and there's no standing water anywhere near our place, the mosquitoes are so bad that you can't go outside and stand still.  You do okay so long as you're moving and until recently, you were okay if you were in the sunshine, but I noticed this morning that I was standing in a breeze and in the sunshine and they were swarming me and the dogs. 

But, it's not all allergies and mosquitoes. 

I'm trying to piece a mariner's compass block, number 21 in my series of 36 and that puppy has well over a hundred tiny pieces in it and it's kind of making me a little bit crazy.  Tiny pieces don't like to stick to the freezer paper templates and they keep falling off and that means folding the template and trying to realign it back to where it was before.  Tedium.

And, there's just not much sewing time right now.  Each day begins with a few minutes of sewing, but then, there's getting breakfast for me and Syd and then work and after that, there's homework and dinner and dishes.  According to Ms Romney's speech last night, all you women out there must understand how difficult all that is and because I'm not a woman, I was not prepared for the amount of work involved in being a "mother", which I am, even though I'm not. 

But, days pass and life is good and things change and I get to read the exciting things that you guys are doing and while work isn't fun (hey, if they didn't pay me, I would not choose to do THIS every day) it's very challenging right now and that challenge makes the days pass quickly, and lets me get back home to the family quicker.

All this doesn't sound very exciting, and yet, my heart is about to burst with pleasure and with pride and that contradiction is a very hard thing to explain.  So, these words, while not exciting, are still part of my online diary and a record of the humdrum days should be just as important as the days where great things happen. 

I read a diary not long ago, written by a lady that spent a year with friends in the 1930's.  She got the diary for Christmas and was challenged to write in it every day for a year, which she did.  Some days were exciting.  Some were just lists of people she wrote letters to.  And one day, she described, in detail, doing her laundry by hand and hanging it on the line.  Such everyday activities for her then.  But, so interesting to read today, after she is gone, when life has changed and what was humdrum to her is non-existent now and because of that, it is fascinating to me. 

So, here's hoping that in 80 years, someone will read this entry and think that my life was more exciting than it feels like it is today.  Hey, at least I'm not telling you how much blue-ing I used to whiten my delicates.

Be well my friends and remember that every day is important, whether something great happens or not.  Waste not one.


Oh, and what do you call a psychic midget that's escaped from jail?

A small medium, at large.

I got that one from a one-legged homeless man that is stuck on the worst corner for panhandling in town.  I see him regularly but never see him smile.  His corner is in a "y" intersection and he has to stand on the island because he's not fast enough to avoid moving traffic, so only the first three cars at the stop light can help him.  So, when I shared my abundance with him yesterday and he told me the joke and gave me the biggest, shyest grin I may ever have seen, through a big wooly beard and with kind blue eyes, it touched my heart and I'm still basking in the pleasure of that one moment of contact.  Contact with a man that I'll never know by name. 

Abundance can come in many forms.  That was my abundance for the day. 



Suzanne said...

Can you share the name of the diary you read? Sounds interesting!

John Gray said...

interesting lane
like suzanne it would be facinating

Cynthia L. said...

I like the joke! Sometimes the simply things in life bring the most pleasure. I love knowing that everyone I love are healthy and happy. Glad all is well in your world.

liz said...

I just found your blog and perhaps now I know why. I have suffered terribly with seasonal allergies for decades. I had 4 glorious allergy free years when we first moved to a different climate and then, 20 years ago, BAM! I spent ten years where three months in spring and three months in autumn I pretty much had to be locked up inside with doors and windows closed. Sinus pain so severe that I took 2 sudafed and 1000mg tylenol every 4 hours all day long, with only one hour between doses when i could function. I've taken many steps in the last ten years which have helped me a ton.

Like you, I do not like to use pharmaceuticals, but they were positively essential back then.

Vicks Vaporub, (I buy a white cream, greaseless version online) rubbed into my forehead helps open up my sinuses almost instantly. (If coughing a lot, it also works REALLY well to rub the Vicks into the soles of clean feet and cover them with warm socks. Amazing cough suppressant effect!)

NeilMed Nasal Irrigation system also helps me tremendously. During bad allergy season for me I may do it three times a day. Also do it Good luck from someone who understands!

Patricia said...

I SO appreciate you and look forward everyday to being an interloper on your life. Wish you lived next door, or better yet I lived next door to you. Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Life is like an old-time rail journey – delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride. –Jenkins Lloyd Jones

Lane, I really enjoy reading what you have to say for many reasons (not the least of which is that you can string two coherent sentences together, and use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling). You keep it real, you share yourself and it is nice to know that there are people out there who struggle with some of the same things I do and overcome them. Thank you!

xo -E

P.S. LOVED the joke. And I love that you share your abundance.

Anonymous said...

Your online diary is far more fascinating than many others. I enjoy the small things of life that one can learn. A neat joke or whatever.

Carla said...

sometimes it the little things that make us smile and happy.