Allergy season

ARGH!  It’s got us all.  Constantly stuffy and can’t blow our noses.  But, the headache!


It’s Ragweed!

And, it’s just getting started.  So, we’re spending time indoors when we can, and knowing we’ll suffer when we can’t. 

I took Friday off to sew.  I was feeling some pressure to take the time and get some quilting done on the red silk quilt.  I have plenty of time.  PLENTY.  But, no need to wait.  What if something went wrong.  It hasn’t, but anything could happen.  Be prepared.  Scout’s motto.


I have about two and a half sides done.  I’m feeling pretty good about myself. 

And, I still managed to make time to hang a hat rack because all my hats had been in a box since February and to a bald man, hats are a necessity.


And, I wouldn’t be ashamed to have company because the house is nice and clean and the yard is looking good and the flowerbeds have all been weeded…okay, all but one.  But, that’s still pretty good. 

And, yesterday, I bought some glasses in Goodwill that went with a set and when I pulled one down to make sure it was a match, I realized that the ones in goodwill were cleaner than mine…mine were pretty gross!

So, I washed all the good glasses and towel dried them and put them all away again


Now, don’t be shy…all of them…


There.  Confession is good for the soul.  Now, mind you that if I used these glasses, they would not have been grungy, so I’m not sure why I felt that I needed MORE of them…we’re not actually going there.  I’m blaming it on the pill I took for the headache (see notes about ragweed above).

Oh, and I also got my book case dusted, which you can imagine, with all my little collections, is no mean feat. 


And, I still have today.  I’ve done all the paperwork for Sydney to start school and replaced the hems in a sheet and……

Caffeine is good for a headache (see notes about ragweed above).

Be well.  We’re off to the grocery and then, I plan to spend time quilting some more of those greek keys.  Each one takes about 20 minutes.  Slow and steady wins the race.



Kath said...

poor you! I used to invigilate exams and I felt so sorry for the students who were effected by hay fever. I don't know how they managed to concentrate.

lw said...

Ragweed! Aughh! I used to use Xlear nasal spray and iced tea to feel better, and when that didn't work, I used benedryl. And fell asleep-- once in a meeting at work.

Seraphinalina said...

I suffer from ragweed allergies too, I feel your pain. It doesn't usually hit my area until mid-August but everything is so early I wouldn't be surprised to start feeling that soon too. I have no idea how I made friends as a kid. By the time September rolled around I was a snotty nosed kid with red eyes and sometimes bruising from rubbing too much.
I should take your house cleaning efforts as inspiration and work on my own house.

Michelle said...

I think every day of my life I am stuffed up, because of allergies, or work related sinus problems (factory smells). Most every day, I take an Advil Cold and Sinus, and it unstuffs me so I can breath again. I also take a generic Claritin (loratadine) to block the histamines. On the days I have a headache, I add one aspirin. Yes, my name is Michelle and I use drugs! LOL!

Love your quilt, and I know how getting things cleaned, dusted and organized can make one feel SO good!

Kate said...

Poor babies. I love a hot compress on the face when I have those headaches. Feel better.

Coloradolady said...

I have dusted today until I am pooped out! WHERE does that dust come from?? And in all actuality, if I went back again to my bedroom, I could most likely dust again.

Cooked dinner and dessert.....and think about pinning some 9 patches together while I watch the Olympics. I really need to be sewing, but I have just not been very motivated.

Your quilting is looking wonderful!!!

Cynthia L. said...

You have been one busy man, even with a ragweed headache! Is that Rosewood or McCoy I spy on your shelf? Love the glasses. I could have a kitchen as big as my house and fill every bit of it with dishes, glasses, etc.

Shirley said...

Ugh, I forgot about ragweed! I wondered why I was all stuffed up and my eyes were watering. Last year the headaches were so bad I went to the ER.

You're quilting on silk? Yikes. Good luck on that, it can't be easy.

My glass cupboard looks like yours. We only ever use 5 juice glasses and the rest just sit there. I keep wanting to donated them to the thrift shop but then I think I might need them some day. I'm resisting buying more juice glasses.

Elizabeth said...

The red silk quilt is amazing.

And I think it is totally unfair that things that are neatly put away and aren't even being used still get dirty.

xo -E