Three X’s down

Hello, all.  I am risen from my couch.  Oh, boy, I hate feeling bad.  And, I try not to do it any more often than is just absolutely necessary. 

According to the doctor, I likely had a stomach virus, which she says goes around in all forms, all the time; the migraine, just a symptom.  She sent me home to rest in a dark, quiet place, which I did, and as the afternoon passed, so did the headache. 

Yesterday, about 10am, I got up and showered and changed clothes and announced where I wanted to go for lunch, and I ate my first big meal in a couple of days.  And, did the same for dinner, so I am clearly on the mend. 

During the afternoon, I put my shirt together and while it is still a bit tight, that was because I had to cut the sides down to accommodate the sleeves, which were surprising small for a 3XL shirt; not as wide as my sleeve pattern that I wanted to cut it down to. 


Anyway, other than snuggling about my belly a bit more than I’d like it to, it fits very well, especially in the shoulders. 


(you think it’s hard to take a picture of your own front, try your own back.)

One last thought.  I want to apologize to the people at Entenmann’s.  The first slice of that walnut brown sugar cake was indeed dry and tasteless, but the second slice…and all the slices since then, have been very, very good.  I guess it was the end of the cake that was dry because the rest of it certainly was not.  And, in honor of the bakers at Entenmann’s, today, I’m baking a carrot cake. 

Be well and have a great Sunday.  After I wash the dishes, I’m into the sewing room to try to shovel through some of the collected detritus. 



Becky said...

Great job on the shirt! And the photography! :) Have a great week!

Pauline said...

Beautiful job on your shirt. Nice enough to wear anywhere. I hope this isn't your muslin pattern that will get cut up??
If the outside of your cake was too dry, maybe the cooking temp was too hot or too long. If it tastes good, the recipe is worth keeping and changing the T or T.
Glad your stomach is better.

lw said...

The shirt looks good! Glad you're back up and running, too.

Elizabeth said...

Lane, the shirt is very handsome! You did a beautiful job.

I know this next comment will make it sound like I'm a total germaphobe, but hand sanitizer is my best friend. I haven't been sick in I can't remember how long (like 2 1/2 years). I'm sure it is the copious amount of hand sanitizer I use. I carry some in my purse and I have a bottle of it on my desk at work that I use A LOT.

Anyway, glad you're feeling better.

xo -E

Auntie Em said...

You did a wonderful job on remaking that shirt. Using the old shirt for the raw materials is genius!