Pictures and stuff

Well, yesterday seems to have gone swimmingly.  And, just to prove that it was all a success, we’ve had our first altercation about homework.  That just means that school is in and homework was brought home, because homework is almost always an altercation.  Headstrong little pain in the you know what.  But, I’m just as headstrong, so that was disposed of quickly and the rest of the evening proceeded, filled with stories about just anything and everything interesting to a 14 year old girl. 

Life is good.

Anyway, I owe you pictures from the weekend. 


This is the dress.  Still not sure where we’ll wear it, but an occasion will present itself and we will be prepared. 

And, this is what she wore to school yesterday. 


Awww, no wonder boys walked past and said things like “hey, how YOU doin’?”

Or today’s equivalent thereof.

And, this is my nervous nellie in the car on the way.


Today, she takes the bus.  Her choice, even though I’m not sure why, but am also relieved that I can leave whenever I want and don’t have to sit in school traffic.  Today, she’s wearing that purple tank top thing that I didn’t like, but paid $5 for and a very cute white sweater that’s also shot through with gold threads.  And, cowgirl boots.  Hmmmmm.  Dad is nervous.

I also took pictures of the two quilts that were pinned to the floor for blocking over the last couple of days.


This morning, I unpinned this quilt and somehow, I managed to block it not square.  So, that’s going to have to be done again.  Good thing I gave myself plenty of time.  And, it is noticeable, too.  I hung it on the wall this morning and the quilt definitely tilts to the left.

And, I blocked this one and Rob already has it on the wall.


I also stopped by the quilt shop and picked up my Drunkard’s Path quilt…unnamed.


Now that it’s home, I can get a sleeve on it and hang and enjoy it.  This one is hand pieced and hand quilted and I’m rather proud of it and could have entered it in the show. 

I just wasn’t thinking.  I entered my two most complex quilts and didn’t enter some of my other favorites.  I got too focused on showing off.

Anyway, it’s not like this is the only quilt show I’ll ever be in. 

Hope everyone is well.  Be kind.  Be rowdy.



Kath said...

Miss Sydney, you look beautiful. Lane, I have a feeling you are going to be beating the boys from your gate before much longer!

Yes I shall be kind, but now rowdy today, I have pilates and better behave myself LOL

Becky said...

Sydney, you're a doll!!!

Linda said...

Sydney looks just gorgeous in your photos! What a sweet girl! Yes, she will turn heads. You'd better be prepared!
Your quilts are all just beautiful!
Be rowdy? I can't be anything but that. I'm with my grandkids right now!

Shay said...

She looks gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous!

Im so glad the first day was a success. And by the way that dress is a fabulous choice.

qltmom9 said...

Get a big stick to beat them off with. She is lovely and looks SOOOO sweet.


Coloradolady said...

What a WOW dress!! Sydney looks beautiful!!!

I am going to try and make this show!!!

Carla said...

Sydney is just beautiful. Love her smile. I'm sure being in high school an event will pop up and she'll have the opportunity to wear that dress.