Doomed to the mall

Last night, I called her in.

“Sydney!  Get in here!”

I love doing that.

“what did I do now?”

“I have the day off tomorrow.  We can do anything you’d like to do.  What would you like to do?”


“We could go to a movie or we could go to the mall or a bookstore or anywhere you want to go.”

“The mall?  Really??”


So, we’re off to the drugstore to pick up a script and then 5 minutes to renew my vehicle registration and then we’ll be at the mall.

yay, me.

Oh, and what did she post on facebook? 

getting 2 hang out with my dad 2morrow at the mall :) that means im getting money spent on me ;) love u daddy ♥

Awwww.  I just hate her to pieces.



Kath said...

I'm smiling :-D

Vesuviusmama said...

The mall? Talk about taking one for the team! Go Daddy!

Unknown said...

I love getting money spent on me too! Can I come shopping? I hope you didn't buy socks or underwear or something like that!

Honestly, 5 minutes getting your vehicle registered? I will be interested to see if that really worked out for you.

Have fun with Sydney!

Coloradolady said...

love it!!!

Carla said...

They know how to melt your heart.