Grumpy, grumpy, grump, grump, grumpalot.

That's me today. 

I'm grumpy at work because I know what needs to be done and can't get anybody to do it.  I'm doing my best to let it go, but really, if I'm not accomplishing anything here, why don't I just go home.  Except, I'm off tomorrow and leaving today would be bad form. 

Sydney is having her last day of unsupervised summer vacation today.  I'll be with her tomorrow and I'm trying to think up a fun event.  Believe me, it will not include sewing.  She's already stated on many occasions that she doesn't want me to stay home, because all I ever want to do is sew. 

Well, all she wants to do is spend money.  So there.

I want to go to the quilt shop.  They have a big sale that starts tomorrow.  But, I can wait until Saturday and give Rob some "alone" time with her...I'm sure that by the end of Friday, I will have had my fill of alone time with her.

She wants a library card.  We'll do that. 

We'll go out for lunch. 

Maybe we'll do some clothes shopping.

Maybe we'll buy a new fish. 

Maybe we'll buy a new car...no, not gonna do that.  She'll have me in a zebra stripe, convertible, sports car, with a V8 engine that gets 6 miles per gallon and an angry looking front end and lots of speakers. 

Not going to spend the day on facebook...her restriction is lifted tonight...her week in purgatory is over.  Updating her status will have to wait until I've had my time with her.

What is fun for a teenage girl?  Oh, I know.  We'll do something we NEVER do.  We'll go to the mall! 

She'll hate that.  The mall with Dad.  What a great torture for the last day of summer.

Tonight, I'll ask what she'd like to do.  She won't know.  She'll say something like "sleep".  She'll beg me to go to work and not ruin her last day.  In short, she'll be a teenager about it.  And, we'll find something that we can both enjoy.  We won't be able to plan it.  We have the most fun on the spur of the moment, after she wakes up without any prompting.  Because I am an understanding dad, after all, and can remember what it was like to see the summer end.  And, can understand that spending the day with dad won't sound like any fun at all, but will likely end up being a blast.  So long as dad doesn't go into it with any expectations.  Because if I expect to have fun, she will sense that like sharks sense blood in the water and make sure it does not happen.

She is a teenager.

And, maybe when we get back from whatever we do, we'll pin baste her quilt so I can get started on the quilting of it.  Mwahaahaaaa.  More torture.

Now, I've just got to get through today, without letting anybody see what a grumpy mood I'm in. 

Grump, grump, grumpalot.  Hey, I'm 50.  I've only got so many years between now and being a grandparent to enjoy being grumpy.  Because all grandparents are cheerful, right?



Linda said...

Teenagers really DON'T know what they want to do. That's part of their angst, I think. They want to be told, yet they resent it. I'll be you think up something that she will enjoy even if she claims she doesn't. She probably just wants to know that you are willing to spend time with her.
Good luck!

Elaine said...

How about a movie? Get the library card and spend time there also. Barnes and Nobles - have a iced coffee and look through all their magazines -- you the quilt books, and Sydney the teen mags.

Just have fun, enjoy your time together.

The grandchildren part of life is great. We enjoy our 2 granddaughters very much -- they would spend all day at Carl's Jr. in their fun house. Not fun for me, but hey, thats what they enjoy.

Can't wait to read what you end up doing.

http://thankfullga447 said...

My teenage grandchild is always tired. She loves to go to the movies, go to the mall and try on prom dresses for homecoming. She is a freshman.

Elizabeth said...

I second the movie idea. There has to be something out there that you both would enjoy.

Also, I love the library. When I was little, the bus stop was right in front of our house. We would walk to the library and then ride the bus home, or vice-versa, or sometimes walk both ways or ride both ways. You get the idea. Anyway, I LOVE the smell of the library -- the paper decaying -- and the quiet hum. We have a new library in town. Several years ago, there was a bond election for the new library and I made sure we were there to vote YES, b/c libraries are important. I'm rambling. Getting a library card is a good thing.

You could go bowling. I don't know how close you live to a zoo or an aquarium, but those are favorite "staycation" type things to do. Any way you slice it, I hope you have FUN!

xo -E

Coloradolady said...

What about the caverns outside of Georgetown?? Maybe you have been there. I am SURE she might like driving to San Marcus to the outlets!! Shopping is ALWAYS fun for girls!! Have a great day!

Cindy said...

Shoes, Lane, shoes. Go to the shoe store and stand there while she tries on hundreds of pairs of impractical shoes. I have a teenage daughter...nothing makes her happier.

Piece by Piece said...

A nice lunch at a place of her choosing, i guarantee it would not be a healthy one. I also think a movie is a good idea, and shopping is always fun with teenagers. Did I say "fun" maybe not the right word, "interesting"?
Because of your mood today, everything you are thinking of doing is coming across as not being much fun. Tomorrow, is another day, hopefully, you will be happier and I am sure whatever you decide to do will be fun.
Enjoy, these days go by so fast.

Marie said...

It must be your age that is making you grumpy so often, check out going gently blogspot. He has the same problem. Let life roll off your back more, Lane.

Unknown said...

Sorry I didn't read this yesterday! I was grumpy too!

I know whatever you two end up doing, it will be fun!