always busy

Yesterday, it was cool in the morning until about 9:30 and I took full advantage of the time, working in the flowerbeds. 

I did a lot of cleaning here.


There was lots of dieback from the heat and it’s all cleaned out. 

And, I just love this combination of the red roses and the blue plumbago.


Those markers that are sticking here and there are marking daylily color so I can move and group the lilies this winter.

And, speaking of daylilies…


I have several that are putting out late bloom.

This is the butterfly bush that draws more hummingbirds than butterflies.


And, this is a plant hanger that we bought on vacation.  It holds four pots. 

So, that’s what I’ve been up to while I challenged the ragweed pollen to a grudgematch, because, I will not be beaten by an allergy.  Or a cake recipe.  Later this week, I’ll blog about the walnut brown sugar cakes and how I’ve finally learned to bake cakes in the toaster oven.

And, I’ve also been diligently quilting.  I finished the border on First, Inspired, heretofore known as the red silk quilt.  Now, I’m doing some repairs to the knife edge.  There were a few spots where you could see the backing fabric from the front and, of course, that won’t do.  Probably wouldn’t have noticed except the backing has some white designs on it and you could see them peeking around the edges. 


Oh, and yes, that’s the dresden plate quilt in the background, which I’m feverishly working on in hopes of taking it to hand piecing class this weekend as an example of how NOT to let your hand work get too big and out of control. 

Right.  Like I won’t do something like this again.

Be well and hope you had a great weekend.  Lane


Cynthia L. said...

Your garden looks lovely. I love the plant stand. It has been hotter than heck here and the mosquitos have been crazy, so my garden has gotten neglected. I did manage to get out there today for a little while. I love the garden, hate the bugs! Look forward to hearing about the cake recipe! Yum

Rebecca Grace said...

Labeling the lilies so you can dig them up and rearrange in the winter is BRILLIANT! I have a messy corner we like to call "the flower dump," because I keep planting things there, forgetting what's already there, and then it all grows in a jumbled tangly mess with short lilies hidden behind tall ones, etc. I always say I'm going to dig them up and rearrange them nicely in the fall, but by then I can't remember what's what. Your Dresden Plate quilt looks intriguing, by the way. Hand pieced -- will it also be hand quilted?

Pauline said...

Beautiful garden. I can just imagine sitting peacefully out there under a shade tree, drinking lemon-aid and watching the birds. Your quilting is spectacular. Cake in the toaster over? Hmmmm. Did you ever try to cook a cake on a top burner on the stove? Use your large iron skillet with a good fitting top and keep the flame low. Doesn't brown, but who cares, it's cake, not cornbread!