Once in a blue moon

Last night was a blue moon.  Not that the moon cares.  Nor, is it actually blue.  It’s just two full moons in the same calendar month.  Which really has nothing to do with the color blue.  In fact, “once in a blue moon” seems to refer to something that is so rare that it only occurs once in the cycle between two blue moons.  And, even though it makes so little sense, somehow, it became a popular saying. 

I got to see the blue moon this morning.  It was so close, it felt like I could reach out and touch it and bright enough to light our way on our morning walk.  It was low when we walked, so it would be obscured by the trees and then, I’d turn a corner, and there it would be again.  The sky was just overcast enough that the moon had a halo around it, that reflected the light and made it seem even brighter and closer and more familiar.

I can say that what is going on with me is definitely a blue moon experience; working this hard and finishing so little.  It seems right now that everything has to be done twice and that’s frustrating in itself.  It’s rare that I feel this way, but I keep remembering something I say to Sydney about working hard and seeing nothing and then, all of a sudden, things start to fall into place and instead of a steady stream of work and reward, you work really hard for a frustratingly long time and get lots of reward, all at once.  You just have to stick it out.

That Jubilee block that just will not go together and has required me to redo and redo and redo is one of those things.  And, other things that are very close to completion just need long periods of time to work on them.  Just two or three hours in a row.  But, really, how often do I get that kind of time on a weekday.  So, I wait for my reward.  Impatient. 

People are so frustrating.  One person asked for help.  Told me to pick the day.  I picked the day and now, she won’t let me know if it’s okay or if I should pick another day.  I sit on pins and needles because tomorrow was the day and I asked her three days ago.  One person means a lot to me and won’t answer my emails.  Am I no longer important to her?  Do I have the wrong email?  She only writes to me when I write to her.  If her email changed and she didn’t tell me…  

The diary that I talked about in my last post is not a published work.  It is actually the hand written diary of the young lady herself.  Rob picked it up at a yard sale.  What an unusual and interesting find.  He is drawn to things that many would overlook but turn out to be fascinating.  He can also find anything.  Lose your keys, call Rob.  He’s even found my keys over the phone.  Lose your phone, call Rob.  Drop a needle, call Rob.  Don’t let him step on it. 

Favorite iPhone app.  Rob found an app where you can aim the camera of your phone and see the star pattern in that direction.  You can even overlay it on the actual picture, so we looked through my kitchen cabinets last night and saw the sunset.  You can also aim it between your feet and see what the stars are doing on the other side of the world.  And, I got to see the boy that lives inside the man for a little while as he played with obvious delight and laughter and giggles and fascination. 

Be well.  Enjoy the day.  Be kind.  Oh, and I’m calling for another universal pat yourself on the back day, okay?  You pick what you did good.  Pat yourself on the back.

Mine is helping with homework, not backing down, not overreacting.  Being a good parent.

Almost all week.



Michelle said...

I absolutely hate it when I am in limbo, waiting for the other person. I think it is thoughtless and rude. Don't people think we have anything better to do? I also hate it when I ask a specific question, either via email or text (so I don't bother them to actually sit and talk to me)and they can't bother to email or text back one or two words to make the acknowledgement of my comment or question. I feel I am always there for them when they need an ear or shoulder.

If I were you, I would have already made plans for tomorrow and when y our friend finally does answer you, you can say, 'Oh, I already made other plans because I did not hear form you.' Yes, I can be hard hearted sometimes, because I feel they have not thought of me. Some people are so 'me, me, me' minded. It frustrates me!

Make a great weekend for yourself and don't let the moon, or anyone, or anything ruin it for you.

Becky said...

Hey buddy, I'll pat you on the back! You are spinning a lot of plates and you do a good job. Some days the plates are wobbly, but you keep dashing to keep them going!! Rarely does one crash. I admire you for you diligence and willingness to want to do better. Have a great weekend in spite of the kerfkuffle and do something fun FOR YOU!!!
Love you!

Frog Quilter said...

What is the name of the app? Love your musings

Pauline said...

Lane, in the distant past and the not so distant past, I have experienced "one sided" friendships. I was the one calling, bringing food when someone was sick. Picking up the kids, etc. One day I decided enough is enough. I wasn't experiencing real friendship and cut off the relationship. I felt good. Now when I run into "users" and non reciprocating friends, I don't try to keep the relationship. When someone is so rude as to ignor even the smallest social amenities, they are HISTORY!Today, I know I've done the right thing for me. Why feel inferior, left out, snubbed? Be happy, you've got a wonderful life. Take care of your own and forget the jerks! You'll know the ones who l♥ve you and the ones who fake it.

Coloradolady said...

I have to say ditto to what Pauline said. That is just not nice.

I'd like to pat myself on the back but I feel pretty bad tonight. Seems I may have said something to really offend someone and I did not mean what I said to be taken the way they took it. In fact, if crying would help, I would do that very thing. One rather large lesson learned today. (mainly to keep my mouth shut and fingers off the keyboard. I almost clicked off your post and not comment here, but that is not nice either!

I think I will go sew a bit and try to clear my mind of the thought that someone thinks I am not a nice person and look down at anyone breaks my heart..... :-(

Have a great weekend! I have to work tomorrow and hope that I get lots done on Sunday and Monday. I need to paint a cabinet Steve had made for me that will hold my fabrics, but so far, the motivation has not hit me!!!

Hope Sydney's week went good!!

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm reading back over the last few weeks of your life (obviously) and I just feel so blessed that I found your blog years ago and that you continue to share yourself with us. Your honesty, your optimism, your sense of humor, your insights - they are all so precious and helpful to me. I hope you are having a wonderful day.