Change is good

Change is hard. 

No two truer sentences were ever expressed. 

This is a time of change for me.  Again.  Change for me comes in sudden bursts of significant change and then a rest period to enjoy what I have done.

And, while it doesn’t matter what change I’m making, the process is still the same; envision my life with the change made, understand how it is better, begin to change. 

Unfortunately, when you’re afraid of confrontation, because you don’t do confrontation well, change can be extremely difficult because no matter how small the change I’m envisioning and trying to make, it will affect someone else. 

Maybe it’s my boss.  Maybe it’s Rob.  Maybe it’s Sydney or my Mom or a co-worker, but change in me tends to affect others. 

Change is always about making things better for me and that does not mean making things worse for someone else, even though they may perceive it to be. 

So, change is hard.  And, change is necessary as air for me because, even at 50, I am still becoming.  I am not fully developed yet.  And, it’s not looking like I will be any time soon. 

I like that about me.


Okay, last thoughts about chick filet…and yes, I insist on misspelling it.  Jon Stewart said it best and I’ll have to summarize his statement.  Gay marriage is coming.  Like a drive through line, it doesn’t go backward.  I predict that in 10 years, you’ll have gay marriage and the folks that ate at chick filet will have…type 2 diabetes.

So, everyone have a great day!  I’m taking Sydney to volleyball tryouts, day 2.  She said things didn’t go very well yesterday.  Let’s all cross our fingers that all the other girls peaked yesterday so that my little Syglet can shine today. 



Impera_Magna said...

Life is about change/growth... when change/growth stops... then, that's what death is.

I like that you're still becoming... I hope I am too!

RE: chick filet
Jon Stewart has it right!

lw said...

The ability to change is the best thing about life. That, and being able to take the blame for something you did-- taking the blame gives you the power to fix it.

And I like fixing things.

Carla said...

Like the song says "Life is about changes".

Hey can you change the statement to "the idiot(s) that made the statement get diabetics" LOL I eat there sometimes but I don't have anything against any marriage of any kind. Some of my best friends are gay, black and white, whatever. ;o)
Have an awesome changing weekend! Stay cool.