More class samples and stuff

I was busy making class samples this weekend.  In August, I have a hand piecing and quilting class and we’ll be making these four blocks and adding a border…sashing is optional.  Then, we’ll sandwich it and start some hand quilting.


I also made another mariner’s compass block from my drafted pattern.  In this class, we’ll be drafting the pattern on freezer paper and then piecing it using Judy Mathieson’s method.


I’d like to make one more compass block…notice the words “like to”.  Don’t know if I’ll get to it.  But, after the class, I’ll have a third sample to add to these.

A big part of the weekend was spent on school clothes.  Last week, we had a coupon, buy $75, get $30 off.  Good coupon.  So, we did.

And, this weekend, we bought shoes.  We had a Famous footwear $25 coupon and they’re having buy one get one half off, so Sydney ended up with a free pair of shoes and a pair of athletic shoes.  Okay, you can start your count there.  That’s two pair of new shoes for Sydney.  Then, we went shopping for boots. 

The last couple of pair of boots I’ve bought for me, I’ve cheaped out.  And, because I felt like I’d wasted by boot money, I didn’t give myself good boots for a while.  One of those pair got sent to goodwill…they were just that bad.  And the second pair went to Sydney on Saturday.  We’ll add one to the count here.  That’s three new pair of shoes for Sydney. 

Rob got new boots at Christmas.  And, on Saturday, I bought a new pair of brown boots and so did Sydney.  That’s four for her!  I don’t think I ever got four pair of shoes in a day in my life!


We all wore our boots out on Saturday for dinner.  It was tooooooo hot.  But, we did it anyway.  And, it was cute.  So, we took a picture.

We also took Sydney’s aquarium down and moved her fish to my tank.  She’s been good about having an aquarium and taking care of it for several years, but she just lost teenage interest.  So, we took it down because I was doing all the maintenance anyway.  Now, I have a tank full o’ fish that I’m watching and hoping everyone survives the move.


So, everyone is hiding and would not come out to get their picture made, but I promise, they’re all in there.

One last thing…and this one is controversial.  I’m going to ask you not to eat at Chick-Filet this week.  I’m not asking you to give up anything you love and not out to try to put them out of business.  As far as I know, they sell food to gay people just as happily as they sell it to straight people, because gay money is just as green as straight money.  But, other people have taken a stand on gay marriage and freakily enough, that stand involves eating at Chick-Filet on 08/01.  So, I’m asking all my readers not to eat there, that one day.  It’s crazy stupid.  A civil rights question and now, one of the Texas candidates is planning a rally at Chick-Filet to show his disapproval of gay marriage.  It’s getting out of control and I guess what I’m asking is that you support gay marriage by not getting involved, even accidentally, in this particularly nasty and loud fight.  We don’t need to take a stand on everything to be involved.  Silent support and votes are just as good as holding a sign in protest.  If you really want to support gay marriage, tell a story to someone about my family and end it with “It’s a shame they can’t get married.  They’re such a nice couple”

Have a great Monday! 



Churn Dash said...

I have a friend who says she wants to make up a t-shirt that says "White, heterosexual female and proud of it." She said she was tired of the gay rights movement. She hasn't repeated it in front of me because I told she ought to thank the suffragettes for that.

I've never eaten at the chicken joint, and I probably never will. I love my son and hope that he will eventually have the rights that I do.

Coloradolady said...

Oh Lane. I won't go back to Chick-Filet. Ever. Too bad because I loved their chicken sandwich and sweet tea, but I will get over it. I am right there with you.

I love the fact Sydney will be sporting all of those shoes!!! It is a girls duty to have LOTS of shoes!!

Have a great day....I am out the door for work...ugh!! It is too hot!!

Barb H said...

I wish I could join all of you in boycotting Chik-fil-A, but I can't because I've never purchased any product EVER at that place and I doubt that I ever will. Call me a snob, but I simply can't bring myself to go to a fast food joint that would misspell their name so very badly. And now that I hear about the anti-gay agenda of the owner, I have another reason to NEVER patronize them. The "chix" are safe from me!

Kath said...

There's only one thing for it Lane, you and the family come and live here in England! YAY!
You have my support 100%

Vesuviusmama said...

It IS a shame that you can't get married, and you can rest assured that I won't be buying anthing from Chik-fil-a on that day.

Vesuviusmama said...

Oh, and I love the boots! I can't believe you guys were all wearing boots and jeans in July in Texas, though...

Marla said...

No problem Lane! I can promise you that I probably won't eat there again.

PattiLynn said...

I'd already decided to avoid them before you asked. But cuz I'm partial to you I'll extend my boycott. So, some peeps decided to buy more on Aug 1st...that won't make up for the many who won't EVER buy anything there again.

Yay, for new shoes. Go Sydney. All the boots are good lookin' :-D

qltmom9 said...

Cute picture.~ I have not found ONE pair of boots that fit like I'd like here...they must all be in Texas.

We don't eat out, but I think the controversy is a shame. ONE man gave his opinion. Even if we disagree, we should care for each other.

Marei said...

It IS a shame that you and Rob can't get married. mdmontalvo@yahoo.com

lw said...

Never eating at Chick-fil-a again.

I will vote your way every chance I get-- someday, your readers will dance (probably where ever we are) for your wedding. And I pray that it's sooner rather than later.

Love the boots! And a young girl can never have too many shoes!

Becky said...

My family ate there once a week until last week. We're done, cold turkey, never again.

birdmommy said...

If you decide England is too far away, you could just move to Canada - you could have a lovely wedding, get decent health care, and never have to see another Chick-Fil-A again! Heck, even our Boy Scouts aren't homophobic - unlike the US organization...
Since I can't boycott Chick-Fil-A up here, I'm going to buy a Muppet/Sesame Street product on Aug. 1st to show my support for the Henson Studios for pulling their toys from the restaurants.

Seraphinalina said...

I'm with birdmommy. I don't understand why anyone would not want two people who love each other to not be married. It's bizarre to me. Come to Canada, it's not all igloos here. ;)

Seraphinalina said...

Argh, I double negatived myself. You should be able to be married.

Elizabeth said...

Already been said, but a girl can never had too many pairs of shoes. And I LOVE coupons! LOVE them! Do you have a Kohl's where you live? They practically pay you to shop there with their coupons and specials. If you've never been there, watch for their sales. Good stuff.

Also, I LOVE your boot picture. There were some cute boots in one of the shoe ads lately here that I was drooling over. Mr. Bug asked why I needed a pair of "crap kickers." I told him they are hot and I'd love it if he wore some too. Nothing doing. Someday, I'll have a pair of totally rocking boots to wear to dinner on Saturday night.

xo -E