Vintage quilts

As a quilter, I’m always digging around in antique shops in the fabric section.  I shared a lot of vintage quilt pictures last week of expensive quilts.  But, that isn’t all that I saw. 

For example, there was this quilt. 


A signature quilt…




I didn’t buy this quilt and I regret it.  But, the orange fabric was horrible; stiff and scratchy, and the machine quilting was awful and it had a bad batting.  While the signature blocks looked vintage, the rest was not worth the price and I couldn’t justify nearly a hundred dollars for something I wouldn’t know what to do with.  So, I left it there for someone else to enjoy.  Perhaps someone that knows the names on the quilt. 

This double knit hexagon quilt was with it.  We saw several double knit quilts and I’m guessing that they are starting to hit the quilt market as their makers pass.


It was tied with a very coarse blue yarn and was cute, but not beautiful. 

So, what did I buy?  This string top.  It’s all machine pieced and the fabrics are just great!




There are 48 blocks and they’re laid out in a long, narrow strip.  At first, my thought was to complete it and make a narrow strip for the foot of our bed, like hotels do.  but, that’s just something else for Rob to have to put on the bed. 

Then, I decided to take them apart and reassemble them into a 6x8 block configuration and add a wide vintage border. 

Who knows what I’ll actually do.

But, what do you know?  I got an email yesterday offering me some vintage feedsacks!  Wouldn’t a few feedsacks just complete this top perfectly?  And, make it into a very nice lap robe?  And, some of them would make finishing that Dresden Plate quilt so much easier instead of having to make do with what I have leftover.

I don’t know exactly what draws me to these incomplete quilt tops.  But, I do love to finish them and make them into something complete and useful, just as they were intended to be.

Have a good Wednesday.  Lane


Becky said...

Jump on those feedsacks like white on rice! You'll find many ways to use them! I like the string quilt....you'll add your special twists and turns and it will be beautiful!!

Kath said...

what is a double knit quilt please Lane?

Shevvy said...

What sort of wadding and backing were on the knitted one? Funnily enough someone was asking me about that yesterday!

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