A very good Friday the 13th

Quilters are so generous.  That’s all I can say. 

I mentioned that I had been offered some feedsacks by a follower, Barb.  She lives near here and had read that I was going to be working on the vintage Dresden Plate quilt and offered me these to add.

Yesterday, the box arrived.  100_4132

I was humbled by the abundance.  From what I hear, having multiple feedsacks in the same print is unusual.  The roses on the left are four large sacks and the blue polka dots in the upper right corner are 3 sacks.  Others are one or one and a half or two sacks.  How wonderful.  And, there were some scraps, shown here in the lower right that added a lot of color.  And, those large triangles, for they are folded in half, there are 8 of them.  Wow!

Some had been cut and I wondered what girl had showed off in a new dress or old granny had gotten a new apron.   

And, as if that weren’t enough, an envelope labeled Surprise! Who could resist? 


A stash of batik pieces and a note hoping they will work in the Jubilee quilt. 

What a bounty!

Thanks so much, Barb!!  I can’t wait to quilt!

After I rolled around like a cat in that for a while, I remembered that I am teaching this afternoon and piled everything in the tub and packed up the machine.  There will be three today.  I am excited.  I’ve retooled the class and am going to focus on the basics and what I’ve learned in 11 years. 

Have a great day!  We’re off for a pre-class burger.  Lane


Anonymous said...

We were very lucky when we got a shirt out of a feed sack. We thought we were in VOGUE. lum

Cynthia L. said...

What a wonderful friend and what wonderful fabric! I would have rolled around in them too!

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