A busy weekend with no finishes

It’s hot.  It’s so hot and humid, that it’s miserable to go outside.  It’s the equivalent of Cleveland winter, but in reverse.  They have two months they don’t go outside unless they have to and we do, too.  But, their’s is because there are fifty-leven inches of snow and ice on the ground and ours is because it’s a hundred and one degrees. 

And, don’t get me wrong.  After summers that included numbers like a hundred and eight, one hundred and one is not that bad. 

Unfortunately, I paid the utility bill yesterday, so anybody that even approaches the thermostat or leaves a light on gets the glare of death.  Find a fan.  Turn it on high and sit under it.  You’ll be fine.  We will get through yet another summer.

At least there’s been rain.  We had a good rain Saturday night, which means we’ve hardly had to water all month.  It’s wunnerful.

This weekend’s project was to quilt the Thank you quilt.


I got about half of it done on the treadle and the treadle was giving me fits!  And, I wasn’t in the mood to putter.  I was in the mood to quilt.  Rob even mentioned it, saying that it had just done a quilt wonderfully and why was it making that clanging sound all of a sudden.  And, of course, I was frustrated, so I putzed around with the tension, and from then on, it wouldn’t make a stitch.  And, we all know that frustration and tension are a great combination for nuclear explosion.  Anyway, it being hot and me not getting my way were not a good combination, so I stopped before it could put me in a rage and put the whole thing away. 

I woke up Sunday morning, remembering at least one thing I’d done that was causing the machine to not form a stitch, but it didn’t account for the clanging, so I just need to sit down with it and a practice piece one day and get it figured out.  And, it has to be soon if I’m going to finish this quilt on the treadle because I need to finish and gift this one away.  But, don’t those leaves in the picture above look great?  When it makes a stitch, we do great things together.  When it won’t, I consider turning it into a yard ornament.

I also worked on the outside border for the hexie quilt.  My original plan didn’t work out and I didn’t take a picture of it to show you.  But, I had some hexies cut for a different purpose and they were perfect.


This is one corner.  So, just eighty bazillion more hexies to go!  Yay!

Anyway, it helps to at least have a plan.  I know exactly what I need for every border and round.  But, now I have to find another perfect fabric for that different purpose.  Ugh.  I will only shop from stash.  I will only shop from stash.  I will only shop from stash.

I hope. 

Be well and have a great Monday and start to your week.  I am so far behind, it’s looking easier to cut my losses on my commitments than to try to catch up. 



lw said...

Ooohh--I hate when a machine is sewing perfectly one day and then the next day it's making a new noise and not sewing. Why does this always happen at the worst time? It's like copiers at work-- if you need handouts for a meeting, they can sense desperation and stop working five minutes before your meeting.

I also hate needing to find a perfect fabric to finish something. The only fabric store close to my house is Joanne's and I don't like shopping there. The closest Hancock's is 45 minutes away and Webfabrics, which is wonderful, is also about 45 minutes away.

Elizabeth said...

I love that hexie border. It is amazing.

I hope you get the treadle working for you again.

xo -E

sandra said...

hi Lane,
do you drop the feed dogs to FMQ on your treadle? I have a Singer 201 that was my Aunt's. It has a big harp area so would be perfect for FMQ, but I thought I couldn't use it cos I couldn't drop the feed dogs.