Corn, corn, corn and beans

Wow, we have driven all over the lower half of the state of Indiana.  We started in Evansville, where we landed at a very small, but very nice airport.  We had a meeting there and then drove to Columbus and stayed the night at the funniest hotel.  It was all dressed up as an old west town, complete with hundreds of concrete statues of nymphs and cherubs and victorian ladies hitting croquet balls.  There were enough fake plants to cover a large pasture.  It was like a cross between an old west bordello and an opera house. 
Then, we drove to Indianapolis. 
So, I have seen more corn growing than I can imagine.  Beautiful, green corn stalks and fields and fields of bean vines.  I even saw a doe out eating in someone’s bean field and thought that she might be in trouble out there all alone and unprotected.  But, she was a huge doe, not like the ones we see in Texas.  Huge!
Anyway, I have had my fill of bad food and hotel rooms for a while and will be very excited to get home.  Last night, I stayed at the Embassy Suites, in a very large and wonderful suite that had a balcony that overlooked a lake.  I slept well in that room.  Not so much the night before in the old west hotel. 
Not sure what’s been up with me and food.  I’ve sent two dinners back, nearly untouched and when the waiters tried to force something else on me, I refused because if they messed up a hamburger or a grilled chicken breast, what could they really offer me that might be better?  I also got a sandwich yesterday that I was enjoying until I got a taste of something that didn’t taste good and that was the end of that.  So, I’m existing on scrambled eggs, potatoes and bacon for breakfast.  But, that’s okay because it’s all I’ve needed so far.  And, I might have dropped a pound or two…that would be nice before bathing suit week, next week.
I am looking forward to getting home tonight.  Corn and beans have been pretty to look at, but Texas is where I really belong.  And, I’m ready to eat my own cooking.  And, we have vacation coming up.  We are all excited.  Sydney is about ready to start climbing the walls to get to the horses.
I hope everyone is well.  I haven’t been keeping up with anything but the constant setting up and tearing down of our presentations and the driving from city to city.
I didn’t bring enough hexies to work on, so I’ve been rationing them out.  I got a lot done on the planes to get here and needed to save something for the flights home.  It’s not that I forgot to bring enough fabric hexies, I didn’t bring enough papers.  So, that’s not helping much.
Anyway, they’re out and I’ll need to go board the bus for the next stop.  Yay for cars.
Be well and I hope to post tomorrow.  Lane


Kath said...

what a fabulous country America is. So much diversity and contrast. There's nothing like your own bed is there?

Coloradolady said...

Sounds like an interesting trip. I actually thought you were on vacation this week. Send positive thoughts my way if you will. I had surgery this week, and not feeling up to par at all. Time...it takes lots of time I guess.

Have a fantastic vacation, looking forward to traveling with you on your blog. safe travels.