Quilt in just over a day

I cut the strips for this quilt before vacation.  They’ve been sitting and waiting.  We knew who they were for and I knew what pattern. 


I squeezed every minute of sewing I could out of the weekend and managed to get the whole top together by Sunday afternoon, including mitered borders.


I can see why people love to sew with homespuns.  They do make a purty quilt.  But, they are so dad gum slippery and crawly and stretchy that they would make me a crazy person if I tried something with bias lines. 


But, they do make a purty quilt, don’t they?

This quilt is made up of the fabrics I collected to make a homepun Dresden Plate (because I will meet that challenge!) and some of my old shirts and homespuns that people have given me because they didn’t like sewing with them either.

My bin of homespuns is two thirds empty and I think the next quilt will be something made of 4” squares…a split nine patch, maybe?  I’ve exhausted most of the lights already and need to pick something that will let me contrast dark and medium, without that contrast being equal all across the quilt…does that even make sense? 

Yes, it does.


This is the second or third quilt I ever made.  Rob designed it.  He picked the color combinations and I think he even did some of the pressing of the blocks.  The block is Old Maid’s Puzzle.  All the blocks have two contrasting fabrics and a black repeater.  Sometimes the contrasting fabrics are a light and a dark.  But, sometimes, they’re light and medium and sometimes dark and medium. 


He got billing in what passed for a label, quilted into the corner.

That’s the only way I’m going to be able to use up the homespuns, without buying more.  And, that is not in the plan.

Be well.  Have a great Tuesday.  Yesterday was a very busy day, as I did my best to get caught up from vacation.  Yay, me.  I’m so glad I’m so needed.  Job security, right?

I can do it, I can do it, if I put my mind to it. 



lw said...

The two quilts on your blog couldn't be more different, but I love both of them. The homespun is very comforting-looking and the graphic one is artwork, very striking.

I would be tempted to use muslin or Onasberg or ticking in lieu of light colored homespun. I'd make a hobo quilt-- like this:


regan said...

I LOVE that log cabin quilt! Purdy is RIGHT! Well done! Oh, and the other quilt....gorgeous, too! :o)

Pokey said...

Oh, I agree with the pains of sewing homespun, but the results are wonderful! Love the plaids, and the other quilt is pretty. Tell Rob he did a fine job ~

Elizabeth said...

I recognized the Old Maid's Puzzle block right away. I've been thinking about that Old Maid a lot lately. What a fun quilt.

And your homespun log cabin is amazing!

Catching up from vacation . . . blech. I'm in that boat now. Hopefully, I can get things back in order tomorrow, b/c after that I won't have time to catch up because I'll have a whole load of new stuff to do.

xo -E