All is well, nothing to report.

Sounds like a communication from a WWII submarine.

When I was young, it was all about what was happening.  The excitement of new and different.  Now that I am not so young, it’s gotten to be about the times when nothing that interrupts the routine is happening.  So, when I say that there’s nothing to report AND that all is well, that’s really something.

So, I picked some of the hum-drum to share today.

The green rose that I thought I’d killed when I treated it for blackspot and ALL the leaves fell off has come back and is blooming again.


You have to look real close, but there are four blooms there and they form kind of a Y shape.  Weird plant, huh?  And, a bit finnicky, too.

And, Rob’s purple trumpet flower is blowing its own horn today.


At night, hexies get basted.


And, in the morning, Irish Chains get pieced.


So far, I have nearly completed the first 19 pair of chain blocks.  That’s 38 blocks in three days.  I want 121 blocks, 11x11, so the chain will extend out of every corner (an even number of rows would end with a background block in two corners).  It was so helpful to have all those 9 patches already made.

Okay, I guess I’ve thought this out a bit better than I admitted to yesterday.

Be well and have a great Wednesday.  I need to get a quilt blocked this weekend because I might have promised to bring something to show and tell at guild. 

It’s debatable whether I actually promised.

And, likely depends on how much nerve I can work up between now and then.



Patricia said...

Such patience! Although I love Hex quilts---not for me! I am much too impatient. Know it will be beautiful!

Kath said...

Rob's purple trumpet flower is amazing, I have never seen one like that!

Elizabeth said...

Holy cow! That is one huge trumpet flower.

Be brave and take something to guild. Everyone will be amazed. I know I always am.

xo -E