Take it slow, we have a whole week.

So, yesterday was a fine second day of vacation.  We got the grocery store business out of the way, and last night, I cooked bbq chicken, grilled steak, and scout dinners and from now on, the only real cooking work will be breakfast and a little warming up.

Between the shopping and the cooking, we went to Berryville to some of our favorite antique shops.  We didn’t find much.  I’m afraid that my frenzy of clearing out at home has left me very particular about what I’ll pick up in an antique shop and drag back. 

I found a couple of great quilts and will try to get the photos off my iphone and onto here later in the week, when I have more time.  But for now, I want to show you this quilt.  This was not a catch and release.  This one came home, and if I didn’t need any other reason, there was the very unique pattern.


Those are all men’s ties.  And, you can’t see the colors real good here, but they arrange in a “disorderly color wheel” (the only way I can think to describe it).  It’s queen sized.  The splotches are sunlight.  We can’t find any spots, though there is some blue washout ink in it still from the quilting. 


The center.  Not sure what the purpose of the yellow yarn is, but it’s likely coming out because it’s a distraction.


The corners are not ties.  That’s a tie shape cut from polyester lining I think, but it’s a good heavy lining, so it’s not a problem.


And, the binding is all ties.  I fell in love and when Rob asked “We’re taking this home aren’t we?”, it didn’t take me long to change this from a catch and release to a keeper.  The quilting is nothing spectacular and my machine quilter mind immediately thought of ways I could do it better, but I’m pretty sure I’ll leave it just as it is (sans yellow yarn) to show off the original quilter’s work.  And, to think that a lady tossed a bag of ties on the free table at guild last month and I let them go. 

The other thing we saw was this poor hotel.  Anybody have a million dollars to spare?  We could make this into the coolest quilting camp on the square in downtown Berryville. 


My shot doesn’t get the side, but it’s at least 8 rooms per floor and the lobby and downstairs.  But it’s falling down on top of the restaurant in the ground floor, as far as I can tell, and I don’t know why the restaurant doesn’t have ceiling leaks.

If you’re interested in what we’re really here for,



That about says it all.

We’ve had our farmer’s breakfast of eggs, biscuits, potatoes and bacon and Syd is off fiddling with the horses.  Rob has showered and we’re on our way for a hike downtown. 

I love vacation.  All those years I did stay-cations now seem like such a waste.

We didn’t make it to the Hawaiian Quilt shop.  But, hey, we’re gonna’ be here all week.

Be well and have a wonderful Sunday! 



Becky said...

I think the yellow yarn is to represent the stamens(?) in the pansy. But it won't matter if they disappear, either. Enjoy your great find and continue your fun! Love you!

JoAnne said...

I have the iphone and I blog with blogger. I have the app on my phone. Write your post on the computer and then save it, don't post it. Get on your phone and open the app and you will find the post in the list. Open it, and you can easily add photos right from your photo stream. Then just post it. You can write the entire post on your phone, too, but I find it easier to type on my laptop.

It sounds like you are having a great vacation! I hope it stays that way.

Piece by Piece said...

Love that quilt and I agree the yellow yarn has to go.
Sounds as if you are having a great vacation, views of the area are lovely. Have a great time .

Elizabeth said...

I'm just catching up. I love your vacation posts! It sounds like you're all having a wonderful time.

xo -E