I worked 51 weeks for this

Once again, we are on Pond mountain.  I almost said “our mountain” because it does feel that way.  There are several nice improvements around the property, beginning with a larger TV in our cabin.  Our only complaint has ever been the tiny, little TV because we’re TV people.  I’m guessing that most of their guests are nature people and so small TV wasn’t a problem.  We even joked about bringing our own.  But, this year, there was a new TV and a new A/C and a new roof and paint and a general sprucing and cleaning up that is really nice. 

And, the kitchen had been newly organized and all the useless junk tossed out, so there is actually room for the food we always bring.

Yesterday, we rose early, even the sitter, and she made us breakfast while we loaded the truck and then, we hit the road.  Nine and a half hours is a long time, no matter how much you love someone.  And, if you’re controlling the radio and not listening to feedback, it can be downright dangerous.  But, we got here by all hunkering down and focusing on our own things and wearing our own earbuds, and by the time we pulled in the drive, there was nothing but excitement. 

Our route takes us through a tunnel, just after we enter the Ozark Mountain Range.  For me, that is always the official start to vacation; the sign that we are almost there and all the stress can be over and the focus on family and fun can begin. 

The lodge owner is the same happy and smiling and welcoming face that we’ve come to know and because there has been more rain here than in the last two years, the mountain is green and there are bunnies everywhere.  The weather is fabulous.  The past two years, the daytime temps have been above 100 with a vacation high two years ago at 114…the miniblinds melted in the windows.  This time, temps in the low 90’s.  We’ve been going places with the windows rolled down.  This morning, we needed light jackets to sit out on the porch and watch the sun come up and drink our coffee.

While I “made a house a home” yesterday afternoon, Syd and Rob went to the pool and when they returned and got dry, we went out to our favorite good old, home cookin’ restaurant for a journey in the meaning of wasted calories and then back to the cabin to flop on the sofa and try to stay awake through some simple TV. 

This morning, we’ve had breakfast and I have a pan of brownies in the oven.  Sydney is at the stable, saddling the horses for today’s ride.  Rob is out of the shower and I need to get in.  First stop, small town grocery store for farm fresh produce and meats.  Love that! 

And, then we’re going to look for today’s adventure.  A family with no plan on vacation is a happy family, indeed.

When I was in Indiana this week, we stopped at a gas station and the driver left the key in the car.  I asked my boss if the car was still running and he said he wasn’t sure, so, I asked him if he’d mind pulling the key out, which he did.  When the driver returned, he said “you took out the key?” and I said, “I worked 51 weeks for next week’s vacation and I’m not blowing up in a car at a gas station in Indiana.” which he and my boss both thought was very funny.  Of course, when he repeated the story at dinner the next night, he said he was also talking on his cell phone and smoking a cigarette. 

Be well.  Enjoy your Saturday.  My bee is meeting without me.  I hope they’re having as much fun as I am.

Update, we are back from the grocery…we may not have fun, but we will eat good.  I walked to the lodge to post this and my battery was dead, so I walked back to the cabin for the charger, and it was three prong and the outlets in the great hall are all two prong, so I gave up and went to run our errand.  I told Rob that checking in and buying groceries are the business part of vacation for me and now that they are out of the way, I’m ready to see the sights.  We know by now that if you see a shop open, stop, because the day you plan to go back, they’ll invariably be closed.  Sydney had a fun ride and now it is time to see where the red truck will lead us.  I’m hoping to the Hawaiian quilt shop…did that pique your interest?  In Arkansas?



Becky said...

I hope you have a super duper wonderful time!! Can't wait to hear the updates.....whenever possible!

Coloradolady said...

Have a wonderful time! I saw Rob's picture on fb this morning, that is one lucky horse to have Sydney this week!!

I would love some pics of that Hawaiian quilt shop in Arkansas!!

Patricia said...

Do have LOTS of fun!!!!!! I am leaving on my little vacation on Tuesday! I know we will both come back recharged!

Stephanie in AR said...

ooh - I live in Arkansas so yes you did arouse my curiosity. :) Now I'm waiting with anticipation!