What does a quilter do with four days off?


On Thursday, I quilted and we shopped and got ready for the vacation.  And, on Friday, I quilted and worked in the yard.  On Saturday, we had some more shopping to do and today, it’s been all about packing for my trip to Indiana this week. 

Sydney called me a name; can’t remember which one, something like idiot because I’m going to IN so close to vacation.  I waited a while to answer and then I said that the kind of person that does that wants to do a little PR work on their career AND go on family vacation, all in the same year. 

If that makes me an idiot, okay.  It’s certainly not the most idiotic thing I’ve ever done.

I got all that little tiny quilting done on the vacation quilt and got the binding made and attached.  I picked a thread and packed a sewing kit, just for that, so I don’t have to pull out the hexies to work on that binding.  I quilted leaves in the last border and picked a green binding to draw attention out to it. 


There are so many hexies prepped and ready to go.  Bonnie Hunter, inspiration for the project, likes to baste pieces and immediately sew them into a section of the quilt to keep from having lots of buildup of basted hexies.  I am the opposite.  I like to get lots of hexies ready and then build them into small sections that then form larger sections. 

I can go on and on about that one.  Anyway, posting may be sporadic until I’m back from the business trip. 

Be well and have a great week.  Lane


Becky said...

Safe travel in all directions and enjoy your vacation!

lw said...

Ah, someday Sydney will be working full time and then she'll get it. Love the green border.