All mitered up

Well, I got the fourth side on and got all the corners mitered this morning. 



Now, I can add the next set of borders and then start piecing the next set I have in mind. 

Our meeting went well yesterday.  I presented.  My presentation was on a controversial topic and I got exactly the response I predicted.  And, that means I was prepared for it.  Well, most of it.  And, prepared is halfway to successful. 

The local guy that organized the meeting is very narcissistic…hey, there is not a better word.  He picked where we would eat.  He picked what we would eat.  And, he picked what we would do for our team event.

It was funny to watch people last night.  The place he chose for dinner was not well received.  It started as a donut shop and then they expanded.  Now, they serve burgers and sandwiches and chicken fried steak and fried chicken…all using a donut as the bun or bread.  Yeah, there was lots of less than positive response from people that like to eat healthy.  There literally was nothing on the menu that was anything like healthy except the salads, and they all came with a big garlic donut on the side.

I ate a little bit of my supper and noticed several people around me do the same.  We tasted our donuts.  And, then we sent full plates of food back for one reason or the other.  For me, it was the garlic.  I love garlic in the right places.  But, it should not have been the main ingredient of chicken and dumplings.  Even if the dumplings were made from donut holes. 

His choices for today aren’t being well received either.  I mean, a golf outing is bound to be controversial, right?  Not everyone plays golf and many of us are not comfortable exposing our lack of experience.  We’d be much happier sitting in the spring sunshine, enjoying a beer. 

In fact, there might be a lot more of that going on than actual golfing…but it don’t matter because both those activities can be good for team building.  And, I’m betting the people from Cleveland would much rather soak up our Texas sunshine.

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  I’ve pulled my smile out of my pocket and I am charming and self confident and humorous and most of all, appropriate to the situations I find myself in.  I have all the skills.  Now it’s time to enjoy them.



Lakegaldonna said...

You are grace under pressure. Whew, that does not sound like a good team day.

Your mitered corners are fabulous.

lw said...

I would have had to bring my own food to that restaurant. And I don't golf, either. We had a golf team day years ago at Boeing, but most of us sat at the club, sipping cold drinks while the few that golf were on the course.

Your miters came out great!

Kath said...

Goodness, that sounds like a test of endurance. Well done for keeping your good manners and humour!