Finish, finish, finish

It was a very busy weekend.  On Friday, I sewed on the Triple Feathered Star as much as I could, but I also needed to take Syd shopping as a bit of a thank you for all the work she did for me last week; watering, cleaning, yardwork and stuff like that.  She picked out a nice dress and a plant.  She found the top for her bathing suit this year, but that’s such a big win for the whole family that I’m not counting it as part of the thank you.

Bathing suit shopping has not been a friend of our family since Syd came.  Oh, how I remember those tearful years as she tried to find the right combination of cute and covered up.  So, this year, when she just stumbled up on a top she liked, I couldn’t get it in the cart fast enough.

We also spent considerable time in the garden, getting things ready for spring.  She’s developed quite the green thumb and loves plants and grieves when one dies on her. 

Anyway, I took the Triple Feathered Star to the raffle quilt committee meeting on Saturday and they loved it, even though there were a couple missing outer sections.  Except it was burgundy instead of red.  Who knew.  I thought it was red.  It was some of my best reds.  But, they weren’t red like the committee meant, so we picked the fabrics together and now I can get started on that after a couple more pre-washes. 

It’s a lot of work to have a red run into it.

On Saturday afternoon, while it rained a nice steady drizzle and we watched The Ten Commandments, I finished the piecing.


I think it came out great and I can’t wait to get a couple borders on it and call it a finished top.

With that one finished, I moved on to Stargazer to make the final border on it.  I pieced a few bits of border, trying to decide what I liked.  And, what I found out was that the quilt was finished.

It didn’t want another border…well, except a narrow black border because right now, the outer edge is all bias and the quilt is mocking me…”yeah, buddy, just pull a little too hard and I’ll be a different size on each of the four sides.  You just watch me buddy!  I’ll do it.  I dare you.  Pull my corner.”


So, we’re being very gentle with that one.

We hung two quilts for a few days so they can freshen up.  These two are going in a quilt show this weekend in Georgetown, TX.  I have to deliver on Thursday and the show is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It’s a nice fundraiser for an organization I support, Handcrafts Unlimited. 

100_8028 100_8030

And, Rob found a place for Row Houses, so it’s on display.


With so many things declaring they were done, I went back to that Civil War Stars quilt that got stalled in the quilting and I got most of the sashing quilted.


So, now it’s just a little background work and the border and I’ll have yet another big finish.

I need to be keeping a running count.  I think it would be fun to get to the end of the year and know how many quilts I finished. 

Or, it might be severely depressing.

Everybody have a great Monday.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I got all my thimbles and a gold pocketwatch I accidentally bought on ebay.  It makes me so nervous because I’ve seen so many people advertise badly and not make what they should have for an item.  I don’t want that to be me. 

But, it is how I’ve stumbled up on a lot of my bargains. 

See ya!  Lane


Kath said...

Lots to enjoy in this post Lane. As always, stories of shopping for "girl stuff" make me smile (I favour the Victorian bathing suit nowdays LOL).
How lovely that Syd turned out to enjoy nurturing her plants. I look forward to seeing your garden bloom.
Your quilts are a delight as ever, I do enjoy seeing your work.

Auntie Em said...

All your quilts are stunning!

lw said...

The feathered star is gorgeous!

I agree with the finish on stargazer-- and with your straight grain last border to protect all that delicate bias. How are you going to quilt it?

Sharlene said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your feathered star! Its' a design that I've had my eye on for a little while and you've kicked it up a notch on my 'to do' list.