How small can I go?

Okay, you’re not going to find many men willing to have that discussion.

Unless they’re quilters.

Small is big in the quilting community. 

At guild meeting last month, they announced the plan for the guild’s next raffle quilt.  It’s going to be a feathered star quilt.  And, I’m making a feathered star, so I thought it would be fun to work on the raffle quilt and I offered to help piece. 

Next thing I knew, I was on the design committee and driving to the first committee meeting.

It was truly all a blur.

And, stupid boy that I am, I took Stargazer as my show and tell.


BTW, those two outer borders are newly pieced.  The ones I worked on during last week’s ice day just weren’t cutting it for me.  They’d been pieced and unpieced and pieced to death.  So, it was time to start over with some new fabric.  All four sides are pieced as of this morning, but none are attached to the quilt yet. 

Anyway, as the raffle quilt committee designed the quilt, they unanimously wanted Marsha McCloskey’s Triple Feathered Star as the center. 


And, because I had jumped up and down like an anxious chihuahua when I showed off Stargazer, they all turned and looked at me.  The feathers on the center star of this block finish at 3/8”. 

I wouldn’t commit.  But, I did commit to go home and give it a try and if I could get it to work, I would piece it for the raffle quilt. 

I used this and Stargazer interchangeably as leaders and enders.  And, I got half of the center star pieced over the weekend. 


So, how small is that?

Here is is with a dime.


I asked Rob when I would learn to keep my mouth shut.  But, then I realized, I don’t want to keep my mouth shut.  I want to toot my own horn til it sounds like Gabriel bringing down the walls of Jericho.

Sydney’s competition was last Saturday.  We don’t know how she scored yet, but she did well.  We dropped her off and went to JoAnn’s for a few minutes.  Didn’t buy anything, but she texted us that she was going to be at least an extra hour.  So, Rob and I went for a drink and an appetizer.  Sure enough, soon as the waitress brought the margaritas, she called and said she was done. 

Of course.

So, we sat there and finished our snack and then, when we were done and the check was paid, we went and picked her up and all went to dinner.

Yesterday, we went to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  It was Syd’s choice.  She was the youngest person in the audience of 12 and Rob and I were next. 

But, we all loved the movie and I left in tears, which is a sign of a good movie.

Everybody have a great Monday.  Not sure when I’ll get to blog next.  My team is in from out of town and it’s going to be an activity filled week.  I normally skip the activities, but find that I need to “get out there” and that’s a good place to do it. 

Oh, any suggestions from the teachers among you about class size?  They’ve had big interest in my class in May and are asking what my max class size is.  It’s not my first time to teach, but it is my first time to teach this class.  Any feedback about class size for a new class?



Kate said...

your new borders are fabulous... and the center star is going to be spectacular. Oh you are on a roll now!!!!

Mari said...

Hi Lane--Stargazer is awesome. I may be inspired to try a mini myself. For classes, I have had the best experiences (in classes I've taken, not taught) with 6-8 students. Any bigger than that and I generally feel that the class is too big for everyone to get enough help/attention. I'm sure you'll be great no matter what size the class. Wish I could take it!

bernie said...

Wowzers ! Your stargazer is amazing. Good for Sydney - takes a lot to get up there and give it a go. I am not a teacher but when I take classes I always hope they will not be overcrowded because we don't seem to get through all the material when there are too many. I like 12 to 15. just my two cents. Bernie

Megan said...

Both quilts are simply stunning, Lane. Put me down for 25 raffle tickets!

Sydney, Australia

Patricia said...

Gosh!! I am so very impressed!!! Blow that horn!!!!!! I would say no more than 12. It will give you time to really spend time with participants. If you find you had more than enough time, you could increase it the next time you teach it.

Anonymous said...

Really impressed with your teeny tiny piecing on those feathered stars. Your story of volunteering made me laugh right out loud (LOL in the current vernacular). Keep on writing, you're good at it and I love reading it. Thanks, Neame

Anonymous said...

AMAZING WORK!!!! Wow. Can not imagine doing anything that tiny, ever. If you ever go back to a normal size block, you will feel like you are sewing a huge tent together. I look forward to every one of your posts.

Lakegaldonna said...

Your work is amazing! Like anonymous said before me that if you go back to a normal size block it will feel huge.
That's what happened to me, those normal size blocks look gigantic and I'll have to admit BORING! They almost hurt my eyes they are so big.

Class size question. It starts out with the question of what you will be teaching. A friend of mine did a workshop at a neighboring guild and had 42 students. She said she really could have used an assistant! She was teaching hand piecing and it was a Dear Jane block, 4.5 inch.

With that in mind I'd agree with someone above me and say 12-15 should be ok.