Back where I began

When I was trying to pick a blog title, I kept being drawn to Begin the Beguine, a song from the 1940’s.  I’d give you a link, but I can’t find one that wouldn’t subject you to a thirty second hellish commercial…boy did that one backfire on youtube.  Not only didn’t I watch the commercial, but I didn’t forward it to you either.

Okay, so this morning, I’m back where I was yesterday before I picked up the seam ripper.  And, I like it much…okay, really, “much” doesn’t describe how much better I like it. 


I’m ready to move forward now…no more looking back.

And, I’m developing ideas for Stargazer and I’d really like to get to that one again.  And, half my sewing room is covered in a quilt that I was machine quilting, but got stalled and quilts that are headed to Linus or other destinations.  I need to work on other stuff, too.

And, I haven’t even started the official version of this block for the quilt guild.

Syd did a nice job on the thimbles yesterday. 


Unfortunately, she also picked one she wanted to keep. 


But, she surrendered one I’d given her a few years ago that doesn’t fit anymore, so that’s like a trade. 

These thimbles are the others that I collected in my search for the perfect man thimble.


These are not silver.  And, they don’t fit.  But, that’s okay, because I found an even less expensive vendor for my favorite thimbles, which are not steel, but are brass, covered in nickel.  I’ll break these into groups and sell what I can from them.  There are a couple that are nice, just a bit too small.

Everybody have a great Thursday.  I have tomorrow off.  I asked Syd what she’d like to do on the last day of her spring break and she didn’t know.  She acted like asking her was some kind of a trick or something.

No, I meant it.  I didn’t guarantee we’d do it…cuz I ain’t stupid. 

But, I’ll listen.  And, who knows.  Maybe.



lw said...

The red and white feathered star is much better with the same background.

I don't often hand quilt, but I never had a thimble that worked well.

I hope Syd picks something fun today!

SunGold said...

Thimbles that fit are so hard to find.

I finally found one of the geographic, tourist-or-whatever thimbles in a thrift store. You know, the ones that have a big state seal made of metal attached. For $1, it fit perfectly, so I simply twisted the metal chunk off.

Lakegaldonna said...

Love the feathered star remake.
Have a lovely day off.