Hitch up your Giddy-up

It’s a slow news day in mud-ville. 

I’m still quilting the Civil War Stars quilt.  When in doubt, add straight lines.  I sat and stared at that quilt one morning for my whole quilting time; sipping coffee and trying to figure out what to do next.  I even pulled out a chalk pencil and started to draw.  But, in the end, the best background filler to disappear is still straight lines. 

And, I have two quilts hanging in a show that starts today…if you’re in Georgetown, it’s a very nice small show.  You can get through the whole thing in an hour and a half.  So, find an hour and a half and go.  You’ll be supporting a great organization that teaches handcrafting skills to seniors and provides them a place to sell their work for a little extra money. 

The reds are in the wash for the third time.  I have it narrowed down to just two that I might have to wash again.  We’ll have to see the condition of the color catcher.  But, I have enough ready that I can start to cut the raffle quilt this weekend.  That will be nice.  I’m ready to get that started.  I noticed that several of us on the committee were ready to start cutting and hated that our next meeting isn’t until the end of next month.

Anyway, in lieu of quilting pics, I have some flower pictures for you. 

It’s my best year for crabapple blossom ever.  Hopefully, I’ll have a bumper crop.  Last year, I didn’t get enough to be worth the trouble of picking, so let the birds have them.


First Iris of the year was a couple weeks ago, I’m just late posting the pic.  This one came our of our friend Kate’s yard.  We met Kate in her garden.  She loved to work in her yard.  And, while it was kind of a hodgepodge, it has great beauty still and interest year round.  Kate lost her battle with breast cancer several years ago.  Her house is for sale now as her husband has moved to a new city.  I’m glad someone kicked this iris out of the ground and onto the sidewalk where I found it one day when I was walking the dog.  Just one chunk of root and a couple fronds.  And, that was just last year.  This is a very prolific iris.


Ajuga.  This is my favorite ground cover.  I bought two small pots a few years ago and let them grow in a sunny spot until they were each about as big around as a dinner plate.  Then, I broke them up and spread them all along the path through my garden, in hopes that they will fill in between the stepping stones.  Dark green leaves with purple undersides and bright purple flowers.


Can’t remember the name of this.  Rob does, tho.  That’s all I need, right?  It blooms early and for a short time.  And, the rest of the year, it’s a slowly spreading green carpet.  This was a tiny pot a few years ago and now it’s a mound in the rock garden, spreading larger every year.


That’s all the pics I had in my phone.  Everybody have a great day.  If your spring hasn’t sprung yet, just wait.  it’s coming.  This weekend needs to find time to clean, go to a quilt show, quilt, piece, cut fabric, cook…Ain’t it grand to have an abundant life?



Anonymous said...

The forsythia are gone, there is a small pink bloom opening, came from Aunt L. Can't remember the name, you have one also. The daffodils are trying their best, between snow, sleet and rain, they haven't had much of a chance. The iris don't even show a bud nor the dls. Hurry Spring and hurry feeling better. Dad is much better, I'm trying. lum

lw said...

Is that lobelia in the last photo?

Sorry to hear that Kate, the gardener passed. The iris is really beautiful.