Selling Lane

You guys would have been so proud of me.  I was Mr. Self-confident last night.  At last night's guild meeting, I needed to promote the class I'm teaching in May.  Remember these blocks?

I had my class samples and my supply list and I flipped those blocks over and over again, explaining my process and selling why it was better than any other paper piecing process every invented in the whole universe and how grateful I am to Judy Mathieson for coming up with it and writing it in a book...

I told Sydney this morning that I was "magnetic" and drew a crowd and talked to them each, listening for their need and trying to find something in my class to satisfy it.  I had to contradict ideas that paper piecing is hard, explaining how the process I follow makes it easy and offers great precision.  At least a half dozen people commisserated with me about pulling paper when we use the traditional method.  I addressed specific issues like points that don't match and how the end of my class was a foolproof way to match points.  Lots of people were skeptical about not sewing through the paper.  I knew I was doing something right when people came back...and brought their friends, as groups decided which class to take.

And, I spent a lot of time with one sweet lady whose name I don't know yet, who was trying to decide between my class and another.  She would stop by and we would talk...not just about my class, but about other stuff, too.  And, then she'd wander off and talk to other instructors who were also promoting their classes.  Then, she'd come back, and we'd talk some more.  She showed me pictures of her work and I can tell you that this is one quilter that has not let age slow her down.  She might walk slow, but she quilts up a storm!  A couple of storms!  I'm going to enjoy having her in class and it will help me take things slow and have fun. 

I didn't know that offering my class as a full day class would work against me.  But, lots of people wanted to pack in the maximum number of classes, and my full day class takes up two spots.  I know of two people that signed up, tho.  And, I'm sure there will be more.  And, if not, then the three of us are going to have a very fun day.  Who knows...if there's just three of us, we might each make a whole quilt!

My bee wants me to do the class at a bee meeting, and that's going to give me great practice with a group of close friends, so I'm looking forward to that.  It will really take the pressure off to have presented the class once before I do it for strangers.  And, who knows...maybe I'll offer it at the LQS. I didn't see any paper piecing classes on their schedule.

Everybody have a great Tuesday!  The next stargazer challenge is to add an eighth of an inch border all the way around.  Mercy!  I need to start carrying that thing around with me.  I'm flashing pictures for people like I had a new grandbaby.



Rebecca Grace said...

Good luck with your class, Lane! The more you do all of this -- not just the teaching, but also the necessary self-promoting -- the easier it will get. You have so much to offer.

Libby in TN said...

I much prefer Judy Mathieson's method, too. Good luck with your class.