Back up the truck, Buck.

If you’re one of those quilters that gets squeamish when I realize I’ve made a bad mistake and start ripping out about a mile of stitches, then this might not be the post for you. 

Because this morning, I attached the next round of feathers to the star quilt and…

I didn’t like it.


The camera doesn’t pick it up so good, but there are two different shades of the background white. 

And, I looked at it. 

And, I looked at it. 

And, I decided the best way to solve it was to replace the white strip on the inner set of feathers.  That’s the fabric I ran out of.  And, I have plenty of what I substituted in the next round.  I don’t need to replace the white in the actual center feathers because it’s half of a 3/8” square and you won’t be able to tell. 

It’s not going to take long either.  While I was waiting for my laptop to power up this morning, I got about a third of it pulled out.  The, I’ll re-cut it, and using the same technique I’m using on the next round, I’ll insert the new pieces.  And, if that isn’t going well, I’ll disassemble the center and put it together again.  The only real hard work on this whole piece is the feathers.  So, replacing the strips is a piece of cake. 

If you don’t get the willies at the thought of partial seaming.

Today, Syd’s chore is to polish my silver thimbles so they can go on ebay.  These are the half dozen really nice sterling silver thimbles that I paid a good price for, but DON’T FIT!  

With what I’ve got sunk into them, I should be able to get a custom made thimble from TJ Lane. 

We’ll see.  I’ve also found an online store that sells the steel thimbles in my size.  Steel may be good enough for me.

Because in thimbles, as it is in jeans, fit is everything.

Other than that, Syd is going to get a pretty easy day.  She’s been working in the yard pretty hard, but today, she’s been rained out.  And, I didn’t have a set of substitute jobs for her. 

But, I’m thinking on it awful hard.

I bet I can come up with something I don’t want to do.



Lakegaldonna said...

Yes, my seam ripper and I are on good terms. Most likely because I don't let her sit idle for too long.
You knew it would bother you if you didn't swap it out so good call. I can live with a delay in my piecing goals if I have to rip. Sometimes it's just not right.

I was wondering where you were at in locating a thimble. Good luck selling yours that you are culling from the herd of thimbles.
I really like my TJ Lane thimble. After using it for a number of years it's a necessity for me, not just a fancy thing to own.

lw said...

I can't leave in things like the two different white fabrics, either. Every time you looked at it in the future, it would have bothered you; it's easier just to fix it.