Right, or Left?

Left?  Or Right?

To point?  Or, not to point?

This question is brought to you by the colors red and white.

I’ve started the next round and yes, the pieces are regular sized and they do feel a bit like sewing a tent together.  But, they go together just the same, with the same amount of work and measuring twice as the tiny set.

I don’t know what the guild will decide for me to do on the raffle quilt, but I’m deciding what to do on my practice copy that will just be for me.

I like the red as the next round, as pictured on the right, but if I do, I lose what I believe to be an important point in the feathers.
See this side?  The red parallelogram at the tip of the star point should echo through all three sets of feathers.  If I use white as the next round of strips, then the point stands out great. 


If I use the red, that point disappears.

I think I’m going with the white.  I saw a green one that was done with the white as the most used color and I liked it. 

We had a nice, quiet weekend with lots of gardening.  It was wonderful to get a little black dirt under my nails. 

Everybody have a great Monday. 


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Lakegaldonna said...

I see your point and agree!
(Not that it matters at all that I agree)