Unto every quilter, a miter must come

Just not today.

I got three sides of my border on this morning.  I’m ready to miter in two corners.


Sorry about the lousy picture.  My seams really are straighter than they appear.  I shouldn’t be blogging.  I should be headed to the office.  But, to every thing there is a season.  And, right now is the season to blog.

Anyway, I’m ready to miter those two very narrow lines together.  And, just when it got fun, it was time to go to work.

Real work that is.  (Swimmin’ pools and movie stars…)

Oh, I’m going to be a riot around my group today. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  I hope I’ve gotten some of my nonsense out of my system.  I’m so glad we get up early enough that I can sew a bit before I have to head to the office.  It really calms my soul.  Today, it’s the “out of towners”; my team from home office.  When its cold, they come here.  When its hot, we go there.  It works out. 

See ya’!  Lane

Can’t wait to get back and try that miter…

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Elizabeth said...

What time to you get up? And what time do you go to bed? I've often wondered how you do everything you do. I don't feel like I ever have a second to sit down and think, and I still don't get much done.

Stargazer is beautiful! Keep the photos coming!

xo -E