The big concert

This was one nervous 12 year old last night. Grumpy! But, don't she look terrific? (okay, don't know where the turn-the-right-foot-that-way came from, but she's doing it in every picture.)

This is after she got really irritated at me and walked away, leaving me behind. On the drive up, we knew she was nervous and could have engaged in that, but instead, Rob put on her kind of music and he and I talked. About the most we said to her was to remind her that she was nervous and not to let that get away from her. (really, i was wondering if they'd miss her if i killed her and dropped her body off a bridge.)

I did have pictures of her with us, but got a little irritated this morning when I realized that in the pic with Rob, she looks all happy and in the pic with me, she looks like she's having a particularly difficult bowel irritation. So, decided not to post either one. Nah!

Here are the three choirs that performed. Each choir was open to only the top 10% of the student population of the school, based on grades and choir participation. And, all the schools in the district participated.

The Elementary School choir.

The middle school choir

And, the high school choir.

Since this is Way Back Wednesday and since I've already told my own choir story in a previous Weds post, all I could think of was a story about my days in church choir.

I was in church choir for several years, probably from when I was about Sydney's age until I was a senior in high school and it wasn't cool anymore. I sang tenor. There were only a few tenors and some of my favorite choir memories were of Sunday nights, when the congregation was smaller, the choir loft was less full, and the music was usually the old time gospel that I'd grown up singing.

There was another tenor, whose face I can still see, all these years later, but who's name I cannot recall. I was in my teens and he was probably in his 50's at the time. And, the man could not carry a tune in a bucket. It was terrible. But, he never knew it and he sang with all the gusto that only a committed believer can muster. Over the years, we stood next to one another and at one point, he stood behind me, so I always had a good earful of his singing. But, he was a much nicer man than he was a good singer. We were as close as choir members of such different ages should be, exchanging pleasantries and greetings and singing our hallelujahs.

He is not the only person I knew as a child that couldn't carry a tune, so I guess I was more empathetic than most people probably were. And, while the name is gone, the face and the devotion he showed to God through his singing are still part of my memories of childhood.

I hope things went well for him as life went on.

Have a great Way Back Wednesday. Take care, and get back to your quilting. What? You think someone else is gonna do it for you? Maybe some little elves or fairies? Get back to work. You're supposed to be enjoying yourself enough for both of us, cuz heaven knows I'm stuck at the office and not enjoying myself much at all.



Michelle said...

Always enjoy your posts Lane. If it makes you feel any better, I'm stuck in a small room at a factory job, and I'm not quilting either!

Hazel said...

She certainly does look terrific , aw the joys of having a teenager I wanted to strangle all of mine at one time or another .:-)

Elizabeth said...

Cute girl. Neat that she gets to participate in such a prestigious choir.

I love church choirs. Your memories made me smile. At the church I go to, anyone is welcome and just to get the numbers up everyone is invited (lol), even though they can't carry a tune. I love to sing, but I'm one of those whose musical talent is seriously lacking. I sing in the choir sometimes.

I also got a chuckle of you telling us to get back to quilting. Thanks :D! I'll go do something fun right now, just for you.

xo -El

Shirleymac said...

Oh my gosh Sydney is so grown up and she's gorgeous! Next you'll need a stick to beat off the boys.

That is so great that she was chosen to sing in the concert. My daughters grade 8 choir sang at Expo when it was here many moons ago.

Love your choir story. Couldn't "carry a tune in a bucket" - love it! I've never heard that one before. But what a great memory to have.

Becky said...

Lane, she gets more beautiful every time I see her! Hope the "Grumpy" is gone now that the nerves are over. Love your choir story! Hugs, Becky

Coloradolady said...

I am so glad you took pictures! Sydney is just lovely all ready for the concert. That is a lot of kids!!! No one in my family can really sing a note!

lw said...

The foot turn in Sydney's pose is intended to slim the look of her hips from the view of camera. Good instincts, this kid!!

I had the nicest surprise coming back from PIQF in Santa Clara. I flew to Fresno and drove with my BFF to Santa Clara in her car. She used to be one of the folks who sang with gusto but couldn't carry a tune, so imagine my surprise when she started to sing with the radio and was right smack on key! Years of listening and trying to sing trained her ear and she can even sing a harmony vocal now. It was the highlight of the trip!

Cynthia L. said...

There is always the "good" parent and the "bad" parent. She will go to the "good" parent now, but will always come back to the "bad" parent. She knows that you are doing what you must. Thankfully she has Rob to balance you! I am always the "bad" or hard parent, but I am always the parent The Baby comes to.

I am not quilting - I am blogging, but I am thinking of quilting - does that count?