In control (amended)

Sometimes, it's a really good feeling to let someone else just take over the control.

Normally, I am driven to accomplish as much as possible in any given time frame. And, I'm really good at it. I can multitask with the best of them. So, it was good for me yesterday to let other people take over.

And, take over they did. From the time that I dropped off my car at the airport parking lot, someone else was in control of my day. I let them get me to the airport, let them control how fast the line went at the metal detector (and it was a really long line). Then, I let them be in control of getting me where I needed to go at the time they told me I'd be there. And, all I had to do was read and relax...and walk.

Jeez, did I ever walk. My gate in Austin was at the far end of the airport. I arrived in Detroit at one end of the airport and took off from the other end and there were no shuttles to get me from one to the other. Then, in Cleveland, I arrived at the end of the terminal and walked to the rental car bus.

What I realized yesterday was that it is good to let others take over and just run the day. Unfortunately, there are few situations where I am not forced to do so, that I choose to let someone else be in control. I can do it with Rob. And, I can certainly give over a day or so to let him be in control. And maybe I will do just that soon as I can get back home.

But, I bet if you ask him, he'd tell you he'd welcome me showing up right now to help him get the school day started (a task much like herding chickens).

I do wish I was in a little more control today. Today will be hard for me. Too many people to meet. Too many tasks to accomplish. Too many hours before the task I was sent here to accomplish will start. And, somehow, I managed to get invited to a very uncomfortable meeting with a group that got found out in a big mistake. I look forward to getting back to the room, packing for the trip home tomorrow and basting more hexagons.

Oh, well. Nothing to do for it but let it all begin.

Have a great Tuesday. Lane

Okay, so I have learned my lesson. I'll take over control again, please. There is no place for me to sit around here. I'm in a "leftover" storage desk, crammed with boxes, a broken coffee maker, and a box of sugar (fortunately no ants). The elevate is not until late this evening. So, basically, I am left here to do my regular job without my regular resources crammed in a leftover space. It's not good to be out of control. And, the first "error" has happened. Fortunately, because I'm not in control, I don't have to panic. Okay, so there are good sides and bad sides to being in control. I want the good ones without the bad. Don't we all?


Rhoda said...

Yes, we do. Hang in there! It will be over soon.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, yes...we certainly do!!! Just keep thinking about those Hexagons...it will be over soon!