A nice relaxing weekend

Okay, when I talk about it, it's going to sound like anything but relaxing. But, it was. At least for me.

Saturday morning, we had to have Sydney to choir practice by 8:30 and it was clear across town. Took us an hour to get her there and back, which left just enough time for a nice little nap. Then, we went to the school and helped the PTA president spread a truck load of mulch. I was iffy on going to do that, but it was a rainy morning and I doubted anyone else would show and I was right. One other parent came kinda late and we left pretty early. I think the president thought she was gonna get out early too, and leave with us, but the other lady clearly came to work, and after the mulch was spread, she moved to start working in another bed. We went home, showered and went out for a little grown-ups-without-kid barbeque lunch and did some shopping.

Then, it was an hour back to get the kid. The rest of the afternoon, we stayed in and watched movies and I quilted the sashing on a quilt. I was quilting on my grandmother's sewing machine and it was working great! I decided to stay up a little late and oil it. After all, it had only been oiled once in about 20 years and seemed to be running kinda hot. After I oiled it, I could not get it to stitch right. I think I got a little oil in the upper tension assembly and I messed with it and messed with it Saturday night and Sunday morning and finally gave up and moved my thread to my Bernina and kept going on the quilting.

Later, I worked in my own flowerbeds a little and cleaned up the chemicals in the potting shed and put them behind a screen so I don't have to look at them when I sit out there and sew. We shopped and then, as a family, we cleaned out the gutters on the house. That was actually nice. Our gutters have covers, so there's really only a couple of places that build up. Without many complaints, we knocked those out and cleaned out the downspouts. After showers, Sydney started making her actual Pan de Muerte for the class project (last weekend was a practice loaf that I've almost finished) and I cooked for this week; two casseroles and a pot of beef/vege soup. I cleaned the kitchen about three times as we went and managed to sneak into the sewing room often enough to finish all the sashing on that quilt. Last night was halloween horror TV and I worked on the hexegon quilt.

Doesn't sound too relaxing, but I walked away with a great sense of accomplishment and the physical activity really prepared me for this week. It will be similar to last week, except the All City Choir concert is tomorrow night. And, we have the 1st basketball game of the season on Thursday.

Sydney brought me her white shirt for the concert last night to show me a really dark stain on the collar. 10 minutes later, after arming myself with a toothbrush and a bottle of Shout and doing battle with the forces of evil that stood in my way, I walked from the kitchen, victorious over the stain.

Conqueror of all that stands in my way.



Barb H said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend. Thankfully, Sydney brought you the stain now instead of waiting until tomorrow night!

oldbatt said...

I love a good weekend like that and working together w/o the complaining about chores makes it all the better! Have a super week Lane! Lisa

Becky said...

Glad you did things you enjoyed this weekend. Sounds like you are all charged up for this week. Enjoy Sydney's concert!!

Cynthia L. said...

We cleaned gutters this weekend also. Ours do not have covers and so it was a bit of work. I think we will consider gutters soon since we live in the woods and cleaning gutters is a weekly chore right now! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I love those kind of weekends - the kind where you do a little of this and a little of that and everyone seems to be happy. So, Sydney is a basketball player also. She seems to be very active in sports - that is wonderful! Hope you have a good week.

lw said...

I wish I could hear the concert-- I love choral music and teens tend to be pretty enthusiastic singers. Your weekend sounds great! I was hoping to get the yard mowed, but it rained again and my yards are like swamps right now.