Hex project

This is my hex project. I've been working on it for years. It came in a box of UFO's that my mentor had given away and the lady she gave them away to gave them away and they came to me. It started as a collar that was going to be open down one of the long points and was open in the center.

When I decided to take this as my project next week, I was pretty blah about it. The best advertisement I can give for it is that it travels well.

But, to pack it, I had to pull it out and when I did, I realized, this isn't so bad. There are a few things I can do to punch it up...and it seems that every time I pull it out, I think of something I can do that will improve it. First thing I did was to pull out all the half hexes and add the blue in the center and close it up. Next I added red rows around it and then the muslin with the blue flowers. I'm going to replace the flower centers with red hexes this time and fix the problem with the flower placement in the lower left corner...not sure how I did that. And, finally, I plan to add a round of blue on the edge and call this one done.

Or, maybe it will remain a perpetual UFO that I will add to and add to until it is the size of a king size quilt...and then...

See how perpetual UFO's start?

I'm sure this has taken so long because I've been taking the old fashioned route. I used to draw out all the hexes on freezer paper, but this time I drew just one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and then copied it onto freezer paper cut into 8 1/2 x 11. Cut each one out.
Press them to the back of the fabric and the rough cut them.
Then cut them to as close to 1/4" seamlines as possible and baste them down.
Maybe that's how a perpetual UFO starts.

Have a great Saturday. Lane


Bonnie K Hunter said...

It's AWESOME!!! Sometimes projects have to percolate in a dark corner of the studio or closet before we get the urge to tackle them again! I love this....and I think you are right, you can bring more fabrics into it by surrounding the white areas in border fashion with other hexie motifs! (maybe more blues?) Get out some hex graph paper and play...bring some dark colors to the outside...

Just think of how NICE that white area is going to be for awesome quilting?! I always think that quilts with large blank areas are a perfect canvas for spectacular quilting....

I've been totally sucked in by mine, and it's a 10 yr UFO and I'm finally liking it too!


Becky said...

Haha! I like the idea of perpetually adding to it...but you'll have to leave the piece at home and just travel with the hexies when it gets so big!!

Patricia said...

Hey---I read Bonnie's blog and she also is making a Hex (you both are braver than I). Anyway she uses a scrapbooker tool--the hex cutout to make her hex's out of card stock and then baste the fabric around that. It seems to me you could use them over and over and wouldn't have to keep cutting them out. Just a thought since this is NOT a quilt I see in my future :c) Maybe that would also make your quilt go a little faster. Be safe on your trip and get LOTS done!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I'm pretty sure hexie quilts are meant to take years to complete so you're totally on track.

It IS lovely.

Shevvy said...

And there is me pleased with my first few I made the last couple of weeks! I can see they will be keeping me busy for a very long time.

Piece by Piece said...

Hi Lane: Hexie's is one of the projects I have been working on during the Summer, did not get much done---you know why---, but now that the days are getting cooler and evenings are drawing in earlier and earlier more sewing will be getting done.
Hope you have a safe trip, the fall leaves are beautiful in my neck of the woods right now,