Making copies

Okay, so most copies are made with a photocopier, right?

I could draw each shape on the quilt, but it takes almost as long to draw it as to quilt it in, and that's not practical.

Photocopies leave ink on the thread when you sew through them. And, every other way of making copies I've found does the same. But, this way works very well.

So, the Irish Chain quilt I'm quilting has 50 solid white squares. And, I decided to put the shape in the photo into those white squares.

I drew it on freezer paper and I took a bunch of Golden Threads quilting paper and folded it so I had 25 layers and cut it in half to give me the 50 I needed.

I pinned the original to the quilting paper and used an old discarded needle to sew through the shape.

And, ended up with 50 copies that I can tear apart and pin to a white square and quilt through.

The needle leaves a dimple in the paper and I put that dimple on top so I get not just the holes to show me the way, but the dimples make a shadow that also helps me follow the way. Quilt along the lines and then tear away the paper and I'm done with a shape.

I have 32 of them quilted in. 18 left to go and the borders and this big quilt will be done.

Take care and have a great Monday! Lane


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

And I still cant get up the guts to FM! You never cease to amaze me. This is a great idea.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Great idea....gott'a try this !!

Becky said...

I love golden threads paper! Best time saver ever!

Becky said...

What a great idea! You have such a wonderful creative way of thinking!! Can't wait to see the quilt. Hugs, Becky

Rhoda said...

Does the Golden thread paper disolve with water? Otherwise you're going to be spending a lot of time pulling the paper out - the worst part of that process.

quiltfool said...

Because the golden threads paper is like tissue, it is easy to pull and what sticks in the corners does dissolve in water. lw

lw said...

This is a really good idea. Now if I can only find some time to try it.

Barb H said...

Golden Threads are indespensable (sp) to my quilting--dont' know what I'd do without them--way too much marking the old fashioned way if I didn't use the GT papers. Pulling them out isn't too hard--the double stitching makes them tear away pretty easily. Your Celtic-like quilting design Is perfect for the Irish Chain quilt.

Elizabeth said...

I like the no-ink-transfer idea here.

How many templates did you make at one time? That is to say, how many layers of paper did you sew through?

Where does one acquire Golden Threads paper?

Do you use tape or pins to attach it to your quilt when you do the actual quilting?

Thanks a bunch for sharing. I love the idea of turning it so that they are 'dimple-side up.'

xo -El

quiltfool said...

I made 25 copies at a time. Might could have done more, but that's a lot of paper to punch through (probably should have done less, but I was over anxious). I pinned the paper to the quilt using 4 safety pins. lw

Stormy Days said...

What a great idea. Elizabeth asked all the questions that were running through my head, thanks.

Pauline said...

When I saw this title I knew I was going to learn something good! Great lesson! I never heard of Golden Threads paper but will surely get some. Inspiring to see your quilt under the needle using the darning foot on this complicated design. I suppose you have a speed control on your machine? and set it on slow to be able to follow the lines? Great job Lane!