Moments to spare

Just a few moments to spare during the days now. Time passes so fast and I often don't get to the things I'd like to, like reading all your blogs. Or, the small mountain of dishes next to the sink. I'm still getting my half hour a day of sewing. Not willing to give that up, no way, no how, no matter who in my house might miss a meal. I think I'd insist on that, even if there were no clean dishes. Just my half hour to myself that I don't worry about anybody or anything, just after I get up in the morning.

I've read how so many of us end up with these really busy times and when I'm in one or reading about one of yours, I wonder how we get through them. But, we do, and then things go on.

With all the work I've been doing, I haven't been able to be very attentive to my Mom, who had a little surgery this morning. I've done my best, knowing that if things turned more serious than they seemed, I could do more later, but that seems a little like splitting hairs to create priorities...which I guess is as significant as rationalizing about it. But, there was good news, so that's trouble avoided, for us all.

After the excitement of the game last night, Sydney seemed to get her attitude a little more in hand. Maybe it had something to do with me calmly telling her I didn't appreciate the things she was saying to me. But, I doubt it. Or, maybe it had something to do with me reminding her that part of being overcontroling meant that she actually gets fed every day...well, worded more like every damn day. She got the point. But, I doubt it had anything to do with that either. It was more likely the ever changing hormonal mood that comes and goes the same as a bit of indigestion does to the rest of us. But, I'm pretty proud of how I handled it all, especially after she hurt my feelings the night I came home. I know it helped when I let her help me decide what to wear to the dance tonight. I figured that was a sure fire way to get at least a modicum of approval from her about us going. And, it seemed to work. Funny thing is that you all know as well as I do that Rob and I will be the absolute most coolest parents at this stupid teenage dance.

My suitcase is still packed from the trip to Cleveland this week. There's that mountain of dishes waiting for me. And, I was planning to work on Saturday before my boss told me absolutely not, no matter what, was I to work this weekend. He's a great boss.

That means quilting time will be had! As much quilting time as I can possibly squeeze out of the weekend. But, I will be embarassed if I tell you those dishes are still sitting there next week or that my luggage still isn't unpacked. It could happen with the frame of mind I'm in right now.

Okay. Off to finish my last task of the day. Lane


Michelle said...

Have a WONDERFUL stitch making weekend!

Becky said...

Your dishes dilemma reminded me of my Grandmother. She would say - "Just put them in the sink and let them stink. They'll be there another day."

Coloradolady said...

You are right...you will be the most cool parents there tonight! I can not wait to hear about it!!! Have a great time....you may not think so now, but these really are the best of times in life and they pass much too quickly!

Becky said...

You and Rob will be a hit! She'll soon understand....when her friends tell her they LIKE you two!! lol Don't worry about the dishes...or better yet, entice the young lady to do them...you deserve a little time after your intense week. Hang in there! Love ya!

Unknown said...

Hope your mom is doing well. Forget the dishes and get to the quilting. Can't wait to hear about the dance. I hope you post photos of you and Rob. Love to see Sydney dressed up also!

Elizabeth said...

Leave the dishes and unpacking. Don't be embarrassed about it. And quilt to your heart's content.

xo -El