The Mum

A friend asked me to show a picture of Sydney before the dance, with her $25 homecoming Mum. Actually, I paid $25 and she paid some extra for some of the junk on it. Most of them came with a bell at the bottom, but as you can see, ours came with the complimentary puppy.

And, I must not have been in too much trouble on Saturday because she and I baked Pan de Muerte (Bread for the dead) otherwise known as Spanish class project number 2. They're studying dio de los Muertes (day of the dead) in class and had a choice of projects. The bread's actually pretty good, with anise seed, cinnamon and orange. Not sweet, but not as bland as regular white bread. Since this was a tester loaf, I've been eating it since Sunday. We'll have to make another loaf next Sunday for her to take to class. We had lots of laughing as she made her first home made bread. She was kinda grossed out by the texture before she added enough flour for it to be smooth and elastic and she got tired before she was finished kneading. And, she kept reminding me that she had to do it, every time I would try to show her something that I could show easier than I could explain.

Okay, that's it for me today. I've been working on that hexagon quilt and have decided there's nothing for it but to go to the store for some more fabric. The blue I've been using leans just a little bit toward purple and I only have one thing in my stash that goes with it and there's only a quarter yard of that. So, I'm going to try to find more. Or at least something close. I know where it came from and last time I was there, they had more. Maybe it's still there? Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Coloradolady said...

Aww Sydney looks so cute!! We never had to make a project for Day of The Dead, but we always purchased sugar skulls from the spanish teacher. I think I might even have one in the freezer still!!

Great job Sydney on your bread making!! Impressive indeed.

Cynthia L. said...

HaHa, your comment on the dog made me laugh! Sydney looks so happy! Good for her for learning how to make bread. It is a skill that will come in handy when she is older. When we lived in the Southwest, we always celebrated Dia De Los Muertos. I had a best friend whose family would go the the graves of her family and have a picnic after doing some serious cleaning of the gravesites. I used to love to tag along! My daughter loves all the skull people!