Just a few hours before my flight. And, just a few minutes before I pack this laptop away.

We enjoyed our time at the school working on school beautification, which involved swinging a pick and working a shovel and watching the organizer plant beautiful plants in places they will never live. And, trying to give advice and then shutting up. But, we all worked hard and now we have an "in" on the volunteer thing. We might even have found places to volunteer at the homecoming dance...I think I can take tickets. With tickets, people come, people do what they need to do and then they move on. Sounds perfect for me.

And, we did chores. I grew up under the shroud of always thinking "what if something happens to me and I die and someone else comes into my house. what will they find." Thanks, Mom. Anyway, my undies are clean and so is my house.

Last night, we did something we haven't ever done before. After I cooked for the family yesterday afternoon, we all pitched in and did the dishes. That was nice. It was good family time. Me washing, Rob rinsing and drying and Sydney putting away. And, that hours worth of dishes only took about 15 minutes. Of course, now they've let me know they can and so next week, I might let them have some more practice.

The hexes are all packed for basting. I doubt there will be any assembly time, but there's plenty of basting to do.

Okay, so that's it for today. Have a great Monday. Next time you hear from me, I'll be in the north. Cleveland. yippee.



Becky said...

Safe travels! Hex away!!!

ShelleyK said...

The best part about Cleveland at this time is the color of the trees. Take some time & sit on a bench in the park across from C2.

Are you fixin' to go to any quilt shops while you're up there? (Listen to me - fixin' - I sound so Texan!)

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Safe travels Lane!! That hexie project will be a finished top in no time!

When booking myself for flights I always try to sit on the right side of the plane so the window is up against my right shoulder and I don't pull my needle toward anyone as I stitch...LOL!!


Michelle said...

Sounds wonderful, Lane, but just so you know, if you have an accident, your undies won't be clean anymore....just saying! =-) Have a great week!

lw said...

The part I most hate about work is that a lot of the younger "leads" won't listen to anyone with experience (me or my coworkers) and won't listen to the technicians (who spend the most time with the hardware and know it best.) I keep my mouth shut as much as possible, and commend you for participating and doing the same so that you can be involved for Sydney, even knowing those plants aren't going to survive where they were planted.

If I know we'll catch an error on the ground, I let it go. If I think it will affect product integrity on orbit, I email test results or analysis that shows why there is a problem (less confrontational, and they can say that they thought of it.)

Coloradolady said...

Have a safe trip Lane, try to have a bit of fun while you are gone!!

oldbatt said...

Lane, have a safe trip and hope you get a lot accomplished on your hex UFO. Best, Lisa

Barb H said...

Washing and drying dishes--that can be a topic for your next WBW. When my kids were still home, the dishwasher broke and I delayed getting it repaired just so the we could have more family time. Was that mean? I think not--I had some great conversations with my teens over the kitchen sink.