Friday again.

Volleyball is over. Ended last night. Unfortunately, the girls only won one game this season. But, boy, had their skills improved over the season. I'm pretty sure that Sydney will move on to basketball, which practices at 6am...that's gonna be fun...and that she'll play volleyball again next year. She wasn't very disappointed last night, which I was afraid she would be. And after the game, we celebrated with some ice cream. Seemed the perfect ending to the season.

Work has been excrutiatingly stressful over the last couple of days. What the heck, it's been stressful for the last couple of years, with periodic bouts of downtime and other times when it seems we'll never make our deadlines. And, the infighting and finger pointing just make it all the worse. Luckily I've stayed out of most of that, but this week has been my week as the one pointed at. Sometimes I can hardly stand it. But, I do. Because this is how I've chosen to make money. And, there's no choice for it. At least not one that's going to help before next Tuesday.

Next week, I will be in Cleveland, experiencing some of that fall color and cool, crisp days. Kinda looking forward to that, but as always, hate to be away from the family, even for just a few days. I am truly a home-body. I'll be taking a very old project with me. I have an English paper pieced hexagon medallion quilt in red and off white with a little blue. I thought it would be sooo great when I started it and now I wish I had done something different. But, it's too late for those thoughts. And, I can do a couple other things to help punch up the color (I hope!) I'm pretty tired of sewing one unbleached muslin hex to the next unbleached muslin hex, but when I get past that area, I can add things and that will hopefully make it fun again. Thought I had a pic I could upload, but can't find one now. That speaks to how long I've been working on this particular UFO. But, it travels well. I just need to get a lot more hexes cut and basted this weekend, which is going to slow progress on the irish chain.

I've only got a half dozen more of the white squares to quilt on the irish chain and then I'll be moving to the borders. Not sure what's going to happen there. As usual, I've waited until I need to start that part before making a plan for it. And, as usual, the hoped for inspiration has not come. Here's hoping the inspiration fairy lands near me soon as I'd like to be sleeping under that quilt by the end of the month...if the weather holds out that is. Not quite cool enough for a quilt yet, but it's getting pretty close.

Tomorrow, we're going to Sydney's school to participate in Beautification day. It's my volunteer duty fulfilled for the PTA. Not comfortable chaperoning a dance yet or selling baked goods. But, "Have shovel, will weed" seems to be all the motto I'll need for this activity, and those I can do.

Take care. Hope you're planning something fun for the weekend. Lane


Michelle said...

Try to enjoy your time away next week.....

Fun for the weekend? Well, yes! My quilting group of girls are going on a little shop hop tomorrow, and celebrating two birthdays with lunch at a country restaurant. We will be having unseasonably warm temps though....almost 80* for eastern Iowa!

Have a great weekend!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I was never the Mum who ran the bake sale or chaperoned the dance either. Confession: Pre-teens/teens scare me when I'm confronted by a herd. Having said that I was secretary of the GC (like the PTA ) for two years . At least you're involed. So many parents arent!

Repeat this motto: Work is a place I go to make money so I can have a life when I'm not there - it's isnt my life. that's what gets me through every day.

Rhoda said...

Isn't it fun to see the kids' skills improve over the season? That was always the best things about the kids' sports - win or lose.
I tried some English Paper piecing the other day. That is oh so not for me! I'll stick with raw edge applique. Have fun on your trip!