A great place to sit

This is the potting shed at our house. Rob built this for me about 8 years ago and based on some feedback, he redesigned it about 4 years ago when hail came through the roof. But, now, it's about perfect and that steep roof acts like a little slide that those sweet hailstones can slide down and say "weeeee!" (okay, so it's been a long day)
Anyway, it is very handy. And, with those two comfy chairs out there, it's a great place to sit. The last two mornings we sat out there. Yesterday, we got run in by the coolness, but this morning, we closed both doors and it was much nicer. Rob brought his laptop and played music and I took hand quilting and we talked.
This is the other side.
And, this is the view I wanted to get changed, but didn't get around to it today. Oh, well. There's always next weekend.
So many chores to do today. We hat the store, tree trimming, cleaning off the deck, I planted lettuce and radishes and some snow peas in the flowerbed. Just tossed about three years of leftover seed that I found in the kitchen this morning and I just threw them...except for the peas, which I actually planted in a row. Then, I scrubbed the bathrooms and hand washed some white table cloths and laid them in the yard (where my brilliant child quickly let the dog run across them and now some are going to need washing again to get the puppy prints off) and cooking for next week, and dishes, three different times. All that's left is sweeping and mopping and I'm pretty sure that will still be waiting for me tomorrow night. And, if it's not, I really will be happy.
Okay, so tomorrow is another day at work. Yippee. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Lane


Cynthia L. said...

I am so envious of your greenhouse. It looks like a lovely place to relax! I love the chairs. Are they vintage? I try to reserve Sunday's as a day to do nothing, but that usually doesn't happen for me. It sounds like it doesn't happen for you either. Hope you had a good weekend anyway.

Tennye said...

Nice little sitting room, I have a porch, but nothing like this. Very nice.

Elizabeth said...

Ohh! I love your potting shed. Can I borrow Rob, say, for long enough for him to build me a potting shed too?

xo -El

MoeWest said...

I wish I had a nice greenhouse to sit in. You could hide the chemicals in some baskets.

Shevvy said...

Love the very tactful "feedback" to get a redesign!
Its a bit more than a potting shed from what I can see. Very nice relaxing space.

Becky said...

Nice peaceful place! You make me tired with the list of all you got done....whew! I have a week ahead that will require me to be on the run most of the time. My butt will be dragging by Friday.