Auditioning fabrics and Mable

I'm working on block number 9 of the Jubilee quilt. That one is going to put me at the 1/4 finished mark. And, I am excited enough to POP. My background fabric is holding in...I have not used one quarter of what I had yet. I was worried that I'd run out and I cannot remember where it came from and there's no marking on the selvage. I found something close enough a couple weeks ago and bought a yard, just in case, but it's not the same. It's the same two colors, but less of the darker is dyed into the newer fabric...one is a batik and the other is a mock hand dyed print. But, if I needed a substitute, it would do in a pinch so long as I mixed it in carefully.

I'm auditioning fabrics for the next block, Hydor. When I audition fabrics, I try to show the same proportion of the fabric in my audition that will be seen in the block. So, the purples and blue and focus fabric in the front will be seen most and the green touches all the fabrics in the block.

I wasn't sure about the two magentas. They seemed a bit bright and maybe a bit too close in value when I looked at them through my eyes, but when I took a photo of them, they look bright and different.

I substituted in two duller magentas and look how it changes the block. Much less reach out and grab ya'. Either way, that second fabric looks yellow, but it's not. It's a bright, light orange. I'll have to do something about that.

You guys asked for pictures of Mable. I have never known a camera shy dog. Maybe it's the flash that hurts her very light, golden brown eyes.

Don't know, but we started with this. She would not come any closer.

I set the camera on the floor and she came this close. I had to be very quick before she turned.

Unfortunately, the more pictures I took, the more it looked like I was torturing her.

I swear, I am not hurting her. So camera shy.

Fortunately, I got this one in her favorite spot, but even in this one, it looked like she was asking why I was bothering her nap. This is where she goes when I get ready to leave. If she can curl up in a small enough ball, maybe I won't see her and put her in the crate.

She had a bit of surgery a couple of days ago and she's doing very well. She had lots of tests and everything is fine. So, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. I would have felt so sorry for Rob if he'd fallen in love with a million dollar hound dog.

But, I think I found out where she needs to be photographed. I need to have her in the yard. Outside, she's much more animated and pays me much less attention, so she probably wouldn't see the camera at all. But, I ran out of time today. I was too busy trying to get her off the scent of some wild creature that apparently wandered through the back yard in a zig-zag pattern and then circled the greenhouse several times. I'll try again soon.



Kath said...

My friend owns a beagle, she said she is the most independent (read stubborn) dog she has ever tried to train, but very loving. She makes this incredible noise, known as "yodelling" when she starts to bark. I wonder if Mable it the same?

Samantha said...

I think all beagles do the yodeling referenced by Kath. My dad's next-door-beagle does it, and my friend's beagle does it. Have fun, if Mable does!

Also, the more you point the camera towards her, the more she *should* get used to it. My dogs are now used to having their photos taken (though they will occasionally not cooperate). Either way - glad she's okay and what a cutie she is! :)

lw said...

I like the softer magentas in your new block-- very nice!

Dogs in general don't like to be photographed. It's considered agressive for dogs to stare at each other, they see the camera staring and they usually go submissive, lower their heads, bow or roll over.

Auntie Em said...

Mabel is such a cute little thing! Something about hound dogs always makes them look a little cautious to me, but oh so lovable!

vivian said...

Mabel looks like a sweet dog!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful puppy! And I love the magentas in that first photo.

xo -E

Jennifer S said...

Our dog is a rescue and she hates having her picture taken as well. Take out the camera, she runs to her crate. My husband thinks she's in a doggie witness protection program.

I still miss my old beagle and she's been gone for 15+ years. Love 'em!

ShelleyK said...

Dewie (beagle mix) doesn't like flashes either. In fact, he's a little afraid of the iPhone if you point it at him like you're going to take a picture. I agree - outdoors & in some natural, 80 degree sunlight would be best!