So much to talk about, so little to say.

Decisions have to be made. That said, I am not comfortable making decisions. Always second guessing myself. So, when I enter a decisive phase of my personality, or as the writers of horoscopes would say, my decisive planetary phase, I take full advantage of it.

First decision was to put the dad-gum car in the dad-gum shop. Okay, I can spend a few hundred dollars on my older model, low mileage, excellently maintained car for regular maintenance...nothing special. Or, I can trade that car in for something I don't know anything about and a huge debt. I just had to explore all the possibilities and decide. There was no wrong answer. So often, there is no wrong answer, but I act as though I were facing a live or die situation. Unnecessary burden. But, instead of fretting about the burden I've put myself under for 15 days, I'm going to celebrate that I finally made up my mind.

That meant working from home yesterday, which was hard! There was too much to do and this quilt just kept calling my name. I want to get a good way into it so I can take it to class. I'm feeling pretty cocky about this.

When I first started quilting, I saw Diane Gaudynski's work and honestly, everything I've done since has been building up to this. Learning to sew, learning to master my sewing machine instead of blaming it. Building up the muscles required to make fabric do what I want it to do.

I still see Diane's work. But, what I don't see is anybody but Diane that has gotten this far. I know that not every quilter wants to do this. My mentor does not want to do this. She is very blunt. This is not her cup of tea. But, she loves to look at it.

I know there have to be others of us that are doing this, but I'm not out there spending a whole lot of time hunting them down. I'd rather spend that time quilting. But, I want everybody that wants to do this to know that if they work at it, they can. I did. And, my class will begin with an explanation that I can share what I've learned, but quilting is all about practice. I can't give two years of practice in a two weekend class. But, it can be done.

This is coming in from the corner and will end at some point and the fine echo work will pick up there. Just something to frame it that's slightly different ans I transition out to the first border, alternating pumpkin seeds that I will background with pebbling. Outside of that, something so far not envisioned. And, around the edge, a greek key pattern with something tiny and tight in the background.

Long term project.

Or, maybe not. I'm only 8 hours into it and I've gotten this far. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Unfortunately part of that 8 hours was stolen from family time. I have to be very aware of that when I'm in my manically creative phase.

Oh, and I finally got a picture of the Mariner's Star block 9 posted. Busy is happy.

Take care and have a great Wednesday. Lane


Coloradolady said...

As I was reading this....in my mind I was saying to myself...I could never do that and that is what I want to do sooooooo bad...then I got to you saying I can! Oh Lane, that is a dream that seems like one of those unattainable dreams. Your quilting is just amazing and the talent you have is stellar!!!

You may only know of one other now that does this..but I have a feeling after your class, there will be a group of quilters chasing your accomplishments for themselves. I mean, how could they not! I still can not get that Christmas quilt out of my mind.....it was super fantastic!

Have a great day!

Shevvy said...

I love quilting like this and nearly three years since I first started FMQ I can't believe how far I have come. Agree with you, it is all about practise.

lw said...

I'm pretty impressed with you, too. It's turning out to be really lovely.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

You are doing a tremendous favor to yourself and others by showing that it takes HOURS of practice to increase a skill.

Very, very few have talent to just sit down and do what you are doing. But most can do it if they dedicate the hours to practicing and honing their skills.

Most people see the award winners of any event with the ribbons (and cash awards) and think, "I want to be them!" But they don't want to practice for 12 hours a day and invest the money and mistakes of trial and error that it took to get there.

Hang in there, Lane. You are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

I have to remind myself that to become good at something takes practice. You are doing a wonderful job on this quilt. No, I don't want to make one like this, but I still need practice just to make an acceptable FMQ quilt. I want to make some Mariner's blocks for a quilt, and like the ones you are making. I really like the colors of your block 9. Thanks for sharing.

Piece by Piece said...

You quilt is looking lovely.
Did you receive a snail mail I sent you? I know it's slow but.....

Elizabeth said...

You should be very proud. That quilting is just gorgeous! Someday, I'll get there :D. In the meantime, I'll keep branching out and trying new things.

Those pumpkin seeds in the border are fabulous. I mean, it is all really beautiful, but the pumpkin seeds are something I can do right now and I'll be adding them to my repertoire.

xo -E

Lori said...

That is really fantastic Lane!! Nice job for making what you wanted a reality!!

Pauline said...

Fantastic! You're a real pro and you gave the secret of FMQ. PRACTICE.
The thread you're using looks like #8 perle cotton? If so, how did you thread it?
Keep practicing, you'll be a national star!