One thing at a time

I don't know what it is about this time of year that is so busy. Carpet, home repairs, quilts to finish and gift, class to teach, Athletics, gardening, new dog, just a lot going on. So, it's very important to take the time to stop and smell the flowers. Coincidentally, there are flowers to smell.

Mock Orange in full bloom. Thousands of little white blossoms with yellow centers on a shrub that's 8 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter.

Roses. Look at all those buds, just ready to open.

Not a good picture, but look at the vibrant pink crabapple blossoms.

Yellow Columbine, standing straight and tall.

And, Pansy's peeking their bonneted head over the edge of a pot. I guess I'll always think of pansy's as bonneted lovely ladies the way they were portrayed in the cartoons of my youth...when flowers sang and guns usually misfired, but nobody ever got hurt. Even when the coyote got hit by a train, he was always back the next week.

Ughhhh, that made me sound about hundred years old, huh?

Sydney did not do well at track tryouts yesterday. She said her knee gave out and she fell. She did injure her knee earlier in the year, but I don't think that's what was going on yesterday afternoon. I don't think she did well in the running events against all the other girls that were trying out. But, just as I predicted, there are events that she is even more qualified for. The shotput and the discus. The coach for those events pulled her out of track tryouts and had her throwing things yesterday afternoon. Now, if you remember pics of my girl, she's got broad shoulders and is strong as a bull moose and I think she just might have found her athletic niche. And, it's not a niche that any of the petite girls really fit into. She's a natural.

And, I dropped 4 quilts off at the quilt shop yesterday. Soon as I walked in, one of the owners walked over with a big smile on her face and told me I had my first participant signed up and paid. All from her announcement in their monthly sewing club meeting. And, two more people were going home to check their calendars. And, there's not even any official advertising yet and those three people had never seen my work. I'm having trouble believing it's going to happen, but the more things fall into place, the easier it's getting to believe.

The quilt shop owner raises her children in the shop until they are old enough for school. Her most recent is a toddler. Yesterday when I handed her my quilts, I said, "these are my most precious quilts. If the store catches fire, please wrap the baby in them. It will protect the baby...and make sure my quilts get out safe." Her reply "Thanks for letting me take the baby. Most folks would say leave the baby and take the quilts."

Everybody have a great day. Stop and smell the flowers. Sorry if that means driving to a florist.

I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to one of my very best blogging buddies. She didn't announce it on her blog, so I'm not going to out her here. But, she's turning 50 this year. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful birthday. 50 is da bomb!



vivian said...

Great pictures-but did I miss the pic of the new dog?

regan said...

Beautiful garden shots, Lane! Thanks!

Tammy said...

Hi Lane, As always great photos and lovely stories to go with. I'm glad, the lady at the quilt shop can save her baby as well as your quilts.

I'm with Vivian, I've seen your new pup but would love to see new photos and an update on how she is fitting into the family.

I'm delighted that Sydney excels in some track events. Good for her, I think she is beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Great post today. Beautiful flowers. Success for Sydney (even if she doesn't see it yet), success for you (you'd better believe it) and a bit of southern gentility.

xo -E

Coloradolady said...

Thank you!! Yes it is the big one!!! Oh, well....gotta go with it! I finally got my post up...flashback to 1962, maybe you'd like to take a look!!

I spent the day sewing....so it was a good one!!!

So glad to hear about the class...maybe it will fill up to capacity and they will schedule another!! You will ROCK the teaching world....when you make your Quilt shop tour for teaching, maybe I can come too and tote your teaching tools and quilts!!!

I am proud for you and for Sydney...that is fantastic!!! And seriously...who wants to do all that running anyway?? She got the best deal out of it in my opinion!!!