Treadling on Saturday

Okay, so Suzanne asked for it. What I said wasn't as bad as I remember. This is the unedited version.

It really is easier than it looks. Would have been even easier if I'd had all my tables set up to hold the bulk of the quilt.

Take care. Lane


Peter Lappin said...

Fabulous video, Lane. Amazing work! (And a gorgeous treadle)

Coloradolady said...

Absolutely amazing work...and I don't see a pattern so I know all that talent comes from your mind! Oh, I want to take your class!! Don't forget to let me know when the shop opens that class. I was in a shop here (not the one) I took the lesson at and they were going to offer machine quilting classes and the lady tried to talk me into signing up. I politely told her No thank you, I would be driving to Austin to be taught by the master of machine quilting!

I love the Rob videos you at work, these are fantastic videos and I for one enjoy them to pieces!!! I love that machine too! It is a beauty~

Have a great week!!!

Tammy said...

Wonderful video and the quilting is lovely.

Becky said...

Great video! I always love hearing your voice! Thank you Rob for making the video.....it's wonderful to see him in the process.

One Minnesota Quilter said...


I am so impressed with how you put together the treadle work and the machine quilting - plus doing it through the denim, moving that heavy quilt in a cramped work space! Great job!

Loved the video! Thanks Rob!


andsewon said...

AWESOME Lane! You are a true artist!

regan said...

Beautiful work, Lane! And you totally have that feet and hand combo working perfectly! I was kindof thinking it would be like that 'rub your belly/pat your head' thing.....but you make it look really easy! Way to go!

Mad about Craft said...

To a FMQ novice such as myself you made that look really easy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the demo video. It was great to hear your voice, see your work and see you. I really enjoy your blog...keep it up! We still have snow in Alberta, Canada, but the snow was melting today...so spring is coming!