That Man needs a card (and a baby shower and gardening)

So, what ever happened to "calling cards"? Everyone used to have a calling card. You gave it to the butler and they gave it to the residents of the house, before taking you into the drawing room for tea.

Unfortunately, I don't have a butler, a drawing room or regular "tea". I usually get a large mug heated in the microwave.

But, last week when I was flying, I actually used an airline cocktail napkin and a pencil with a broken point to share my address with the guys I met on the plane.

I needed a calling card...desperately.

So, I went off the the office supply store and bought a package with printable business cards in it and designed my own. Whadda 'ya think?

Today was the baby shower for the parents that got the Storytime Stars quilt. They seemed to like it very much and it was the only gift that was circulated around the room for everyone to see it.

Yesterday, I spent about 5 hours in the gardens. Over the last few weekends, I had accumulated a bunch of new plants to set out and see how they do. This bed has tomatoes and daylilies and dahlias. The back, behind the small stone wall is still a work in progress. There's lots of shade there with some very intense mid day heat, so I'll need to think about that area. The two pots in front are the short lemon trees, in their full bloom. Both got new and larger pots this year, so I am hopeful that we will get more than 2-3 lemons each this year. Between them is a tiny coneflower that will eventually fill that tip of the bed.

This is the larger lemon tree that came out of the greenhouse yesterday and is occupying a large spot in the rear corner of the lot, where it will get plenty of sun and lots of water and should be very happy. Lots of blooms on it as well, but I couldn't get a good picture. They surely smell sweet!

This is the flower bed in progress. I just put one small bed in on the other side of the gate (to the left) and my final bed will be this one, between the gate and the sun room. There's an ash tree overhead, so it's all greens and plants that will handle early morning direct sun and lots of afternoon shade.

This is the staging area. In winter, this area is covered with a plastic and portable greenhouse and warmth from the sunroom can flow right through the screen door into it. Now, it's full of pots of stuff I've dug up and am getting ready to share and pots that came out of the sunroom this year. If it's snowing in your area, know that all this green is coming your way.

Okay, so that's it for me today. I'm well into quilting the church raffle quilt. Lots of feathers in that one. It's Bonnie Hunter's Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll quilt and in all those beautiful neutral string blocks, I'm quilting feather wreaths...and half feather wreaths and quarter feather wreaths...I have feathers in my head all of a sudden. Anyway, looking forward to getting that finished so I can work on something else...something else that's already in progress.

Everybody have a great Monday! Lane


Unknown said...

Your cards look great Lane!

John Going Gently said...

that card covers EVERYTHING!!!

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Love the card idea, and you are so right. I don't travel with biz cards either, but should. And I so love your variation of Story Time Stars...that ice blue and white checkerboard just makes all the other colors just play so nicely!
Happy Monday to you my friend!


kerrykatiecakes2 said...

I think the calling cards went out with butter curls, sugar tongs, white gloves for ladies, hats in church, and the list goes on - and you know what? I really wouldn't be sad to see any of them come back! (Does anyone else remember going to Sunday School with their dime for collection tucked down in their glove so they wouldn't lose it?)
Love your calling card! Really love that baby quilt!! As for the garden... they are calling for 30 cm of fresh snow tonight so I am dead jealous!

Unknown said...

Lane, I think the calling cards are great. I have been thinking of getting some also. I know some women that have them and call them "Mom" cards. Since you are more than just a "Dad," I think your card says it all. The quilt is lovely. I need to go back through your posts and read more about it. You always have such a pretty garden and I enjoy seeing the photos. We had 3 inches of snow today! Of course, it is supposed to be 70 this weekend!

scrappy101 said...

Lane your quilt is fabulous. Love your colors. You mentioned you were doing the RRCB for the church and you've told me you quilt this on your sewing machinge. My question to you is....do you use gloves to better manage a larger quilt under the sewing needle while quilting your designs?
Thanks for sharing.

Umair Paracha said...

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Elizabeth said...

Great calling card!

Beautiful quilt. You know it was a good gift when it gets circulated around the room!

I love coneflowers! And it is almost warm enough to play in the dirt here too.

xo -E